Thursday, February 21, 2013

Josh's Mom's Visit

 January 31, 2012 - Josh's Mom, Jeanne, came out to visit and help us with our fireplace and sheet rocking.  
She also brought her granddaughter, Aolonie, AO for short.
AO is a super cute, but she is only a year old, so she added an extra project all on her own...taking care of her. :)
 We completed the top of the fireplace with old wood from the pallets that were used to deliver our doors and windows.  We're really happy with how it turned out!  We layered cement on top of the old brick, but we weren't able to get the smooth finish we were hoping for, so we will most likely cover it with stone, at some point in the near future.
 Our baby sitter, Paxton.  
He spent a lot of his time entertaining AO in the port-a-crib.  
They had so much fun playing together.
 Jeanne also helped us finish sheet rock and texturing projects in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and living room.
We now know that sheet rock and texturing come before any other remodeling projects.  As doing it after the fact, is so much more work.
Above: Our kitchen during the project.
 AO's mom, Josh's sister, Amanda, wanted me to take some pictures of her while she was here.  These are my favorites!
 AO did not like snow!

 AO with Josh's Mom, Jeanne.

Our kitchen after painting.
 Our almost completed living room. 
All that's left is finishing up the fireplace.
The before/after shots of our bathroom.
Most of the before pictures are from the previous home owner's realty pictures.
Our completed bathroom.  

A big thank you to Jeanne for coming out and helping us finally complete these projects! 

Working with Grandpa

 January 23, 2012 - Mom and Dad drove down to Utah to help out with the house.  We got to visit with Mom for a day and then she went out to Grandma's while Dad stayed here and helped us complete some projects.
Paxton is our big helper.  And there's nothing he loves more than working with Grandpa!
 Dad installing new windows in the rest of our main floor.  6 in all.  And together, Josh, Dad and our neighbor Kyle installed our big front window. 
Delivered on the worst day possible...during a freezing rain storm that started just a few hours before the truck showed up to drop it off.
Everything was shear ice.  
 They ended up having to break out the glass to take out the old window.

Our new front window, all installed.
 Paxton was a big help when it came to the floor.  :)
Always on hand with his tools.
 The boys working on our new wood floor.
Thanks to our friend Kyle for helping install that too!

 The before/after pictures of our new floor.
I love our smooth new finished wood floor!
 Also, Dad helped us install our new front door.
Of course we waited until winter for this sure was cold waiting for that project to be finished.
 They let Paxton pound in the pin in the last hinge.
The before/afters of our new front door. 
Also, we added the new porch light and a new mailbox. 
I can't believe the difference a new front door can make in the appearance of your home.  I love the transformation!
Paxton helping Grandpa with the "mud."
He just kept saying, "Grandpa I need more mud.  I am a good mudder!"

A big thank you to Dad for all his help in the few days he was here!