Saturday, November 16, 2013

Two Little Cubs

 November 16, 2013
This morning I finished these baby quilts for our soon-to-be-born twin nephews.  I usually just cut the squares from recycled t-shirts, but this time I added in a little plaid, sweater and corduroy. Although the addition of corduroy is tricky, and one I might not do again, as it is the only fabric that didn't have much stretch.  
 I used wool felt for their names.
They are edged in a chocolate fleece.
The back is a fleece called "orange true timber."
Jake and Heather are going with a cabin/lodge-like hunter theme with bears for the nursery.  So I think the design of the fleece goes perfectly with the theme.
Next, I'll be working on some baby hats and then I'll send them off to the new parents.

Handsome Boys

November 3, 2013
I took these pictures of the boys before church a few Sunday's ago.  Paxton refused to be photographed.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

October 31, 2013 - Halloween Night
 We took the boys Trick or Treating in Vancouver this year.
Back home and enjoying their candy!

Pumpkins Guts

 October 29, 2013 
Carving pumpkins with the boys.  
Our boys will play in the dirt and do about a million other dirty things, but they don't like touching pumpkin guts.  Because I know this, I tried to convince them to paint their pumpkins this year, but they refused.  Guess who ended up cleaning out their pumpkins?  Josh and I.  Versii and Paxton completely refused to reach inside.
 Kaden did try cleaning out part of his pumpkin.
But thought it was a disgusting thing to do!
 Their completed pumpkins!
 They carved the backs too.
The boys with their pumpkins.