Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Decade of Halloweens

In celebration of Halloween this year, I thought it would be fun to find pictures from our past Halloweens. 
Starting with Halloween 2007: Versii as a frog and Kaden as Scooby Doo.  He used to love Scooby Doo!
2008: Sock Monkey and Bumblebee from Transformers
2009: Luigi, A Cow and Paxton as a Frog
2010: Versii as Luigi, Paxton as the Sock Monkey and Kaden as Batman
2011: Batman, Optimus Prime from Transformers and a Halo Guy
I dressed up as a Peacock.
2012: Buzz Lightyear, A Police officer and An Army guy
2013: A Ninja, Yoshi from Mario and Luigi and A Pirate
(Handmade Yoshi)
Josh and I dressed up as a Bee and a Flower.
2014: Superman and 2 Unknown Phantoms
2015: Yoshi Returns, A Penguin and Link from Zelda
(Handmade Link plus Yoshi from previous year.)
Mary Poppins and Bert the Chimney Sweep, and our penguin.
(Handmade and designed)
2016: A Garden Gnome and an Ocelot from Minecraft 
(Both Handmade by me.)
The Bee and the Flower making a comeback.
2017: Versii as Joker and Paxton as the Mad Scientist.
We bought the purple Joker jacket and the white lab coat and we put together the rest of Versii's outfit from items we had at home.  I added some black and white ribbon to Paxton's lab coat for holding tools, added a symbol to the back and hand drew his name badge.  
The boys were so excited about their costumes this year and Paxton said Versii as Joker was "epic"!

Josh as...a Tourist LOL!  He dressed up on Halloween to go to work.
October 31, 2017:
 The boys haul from Trick or Treating.  
Kaden stayed home this year, passed out candy and played video games instead...then shared his brother candy when they got home haha!
 Khaleesi getting into the Spirit of Halloween by stashing away in Josh's suitcase.
I really enjoyed looking back at all our years of Halloween!
Looking forward to next year!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Josh's Birthday and Trunk or Treat

 October 20, 2017
Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my other half, Josh!  Without you, life just wouldn't be as sweet!  I love you so much!  You are constantly amazing me and I'm so lucky!  
 Having the Ward Harvest Party fall on Josh's birthday wasn't the way he would have planned to celebrate, but we ended up having a great time together!  
Versii as "the Joker" from Batman and Paxton as a "Mad Scientist"
Kaden didn't dress up as anyone specific this year LOL!
Josh said this video he made of Versii was the highlight of his birthday haha!  Versii does make one great Joker!

School Pictures 2017

 Kaden - 9th Grade age 14
 Versii - 5th Grade age 10
Paxton - 3rd Grade age 8

Moving Mom and Dad

October 18, 2017
After living in Oregon for over 28 years, Mom and Dad started talking about selling their home and moving out-of-state.  They ended up with some great buyers and have sold their home.  Paxton loves his Grandma and Grandpa so much didn't feel like his last sleep-over with them was enough of a good-bye.  So he missed school and came with me to help clean and finish getting them ready to move out.
 Paxton was such a huge help!  He helped me wipe down the outside of cupboards and the inside of drawers, vacuum and carry boxes.

 Paxton and his Grandparents.
 It's hard to have Mom and Dad move away after living with them and near them for so many years.  My sister, Julie, says we had them for long enough and it's her turn now haha!  Mom and Dad are going in on a beautiful home with Julie and her husband Michael, in St. George, Utah.  Mom and Dad will have their own living space in the basement, with a separate kitchen and laundry room.  And then they plan to be "snow birds" and come up to Washington with their travel trailer in the summers.  So we'll still get to see them during the year, just not like we used to.  The boys were talking in bed a few nights before they left about Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Paxton naturally assumed that we'd go to Grandma's for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I had to remind them that they're moving and we wouldn't be at their house for the holidays, then Versii started saying: "Goodbye pumpkin pie.  Goodbye turkey.  Goodbye Christmas eve." And Paxton started crying.  Then I reminded him that we'll see them again and we can always FaceTime since Mom and Dad both have iPhones now.  
We love and miss you already Mom and Dad!
Thanks for all you do for us!

Paxton on October

 October 11, 2017: Paxton had an eye appointment and we found out that he in far-sighted.  So he will be getting reading glasses.  The doctor said he only needs to wear them when he's reading, writing or doing something up close, like playing on his phone.
 October 12, 2017: Paxton and Versii went to their school Harvest Party, with Paxton's friend Carter.
 October 16, 2017: "Shine for Others" 
Paxton started making this pinhole art in his primary class at church and then finished it up when he got home.  

Friday, November 3, 2017

Camping at Ft Stevens

 October 6, 2017
Driving to our second campout with my brother Reed and his family.  This time we camped at Ft Stevens State Park.
 Versii with Jerry.
When we camp with Reed, we always get to enjoy great food!  One of the nights, Reed cooked steak fajitas and they were amazing!  He let us take home the left overs and we ate fajitas for a few days.  Josh just couldn't get enough!
 Exploring the Battery Russell.

 Sakurako and I. 
 Reed and Sakurako.

 Kaden, Paxton, Loren, Morgan, Versii and Jerry (the dog)

 The boys found a frog.

This is my favorite family photo from our trip.
Love this family of mine!
 Kaden came up with a new way to entertain himself.
Meet Boris, the exchange student.
Boris at camp.
We visited Ft Clatsop and Paxton became a Junior Ranger.

 Boris at the movies.
We drove into Astoria and watched the new Lego Ninjago movie.  The boys all agree that Lego Batman is their favorite!

 October 8, 2017
Sunday morning we went over to see the Peter Iredale Shipwreck.

 Boris in the grass.
I wanted to recreate this top photo, from 6 years ago, only I didn't bother to search for the old photo first.  I went off my memory, which clearly wasn't quite on point...but close enough I guess.
We had a great time!  Even if it rained both evenings, so we didn't really get to enjoy sitting around the campfire.  But we ate good food, explored and spent time playing games.  Another great family campout in the books.