Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Field Trips!

 November 21, 2013
Every time the boys bring home permission slips for their field trips, they say, "Mom can you go too?"  Usually the timing doesn't work out, but this time I was able to make arrangements and go on both Kaden and Versii's field trips.
Kaden's class went up to Portland's Japanese Gardens on Thursday.  His class went last year too.  Last year they each wrote Haiku's, although Kaden couldn't remember which one was his.
 Kaden's class
 The Garden's are beautiful, but it was a really cold morning.  I think Kaden wished he would have brought his hat and gloves that he chose to leave behind at school.  I kept offering my gloves to him, but he said, "No, I can't take your gloves from you Mom."
 Kaden's teacher, Mr. Marsh broke the class up into 3 groups.  Here I am with my group.
 Versii's class went to the Oregon Ballet Theatre on Friday.  They had been learning dance from an OBT Instructor in their class for the last 6 weeks.  So they were invited to tour backstage.  We got to examine the ballet slippers, see where the costumes are made and stored and watch the dancers rehearsing in dance class.  Versii had fun in dance class at school, but found the field trip to be a little less exciting.  I thought it was interesting.  I found out the tutu's cost upwards of $2,000 and the ballet slippers are all handmade from London and cost about $150 for a pair and generally last only 2 weeks.  A principal dancer in a ballet will wear out the slippers in only one performance. And by the time an audience sees the start of a ballet, the dancers have already been dancing for at least 4 hours prior to the performance.  We were told the dancers are required to go to dance class for 2 hours in the morning, then depending on their part, they will go directly to performance practice for 2-4 hours and then go to the theatre to perform.  That just seems physically exhausting to me.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Two Little Cubs

 November 16, 2013
This morning I finished these baby quilts for our soon-to-be-born twin nephews.  I usually just cut the squares from recycled t-shirts, but this time I added in a little plaid, sweater and corduroy. Although the addition of corduroy is tricky, and one I might not do again, as it is the only fabric that didn't have much stretch.  
 I used wool felt for their names.
They are edged in a chocolate fleece.
The back is a fleece called "orange true timber."
Jake and Heather are going with a cabin/lodge-like hunter theme with bears for the nursery.  So I think the design of the fleece goes perfectly with the theme.
Next, I'll be working on some baby hats and then I'll send them off to the new parents.

Handsome Boys

November 3, 2013
I took these pictures of the boys before church a few Sunday's ago.  Paxton refused to be photographed.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2013

October 31, 2013 - Halloween Night
 We took the boys Trick or Treating in Vancouver this year.
Back home and enjoying their candy!

Pumpkins Guts

 October 29, 2013 
Carving pumpkins with the boys.  
Our boys will play in the dirt and do about a million other dirty things, but they don't like touching pumpkin guts.  Because I know this, I tried to convince them to paint their pumpkins this year, but they refused.  Guess who ended up cleaning out their pumpkins?  Josh and I.  Versii and Paxton completely refused to reach inside.
 Kaden did try cleaning out part of his pumpkin.
But thought it was a disgusting thing to do!
 Their completed pumpkins!
 They carved the backs too.
The boys with their pumpkins.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Costume Party

October 26, 2013
Ready to leave for our party.
(Photo taken by Kaden)
Our first Halloween Costume Party ever! 
Believe it or not, Josh and I have never attended a costume party in the past seven and a half years of our marriage.
 The Hosts!
Our friends the Johnson's as "Wayne and Garth"
The Brallier's as "A Boy and his Teddy"
The Waldrop's as a "Greek God and Goddess"
Thank you all for putting together such a fun night!
A sampling of the food...
...Perhaps the most disgusting looking appetizers were the earwax covered q-tips and the kitty litter cake.
Endlessly haunted by a Creepy Clown!
Awesome night out with friends! 

Harvest Party

 This year Josh and I had a Halloween Party to attend, so I decided that we should dress up as a flower and a bee.  I've always thought that would be fun.
Here's my inspiration:
Our costumes in progress...
I used some silk organza I had in my fabric stash and cut small yellow strips from a yellow t-shirt to make my flower.  Then I attached it to a headband.  Then I found a green sweater and cut a strip from a green t-shirt for the stem and stitched on some leaves.  For Josh's costume, I sewed yellow t-shirt strips to a black shirt and made his wings from some netting and electrical wire.  (Just after we took the pictures of Josh, I added a fourth stripe to the back.)  I love how they turned out!  Simple, comfortable, yet easily identifiable.
 October 26, 2013
The boys all dressed up for our ward Harvest Party.
A Black Ninja, Yoshi, and A Pirate
 I picked myself a cute little strawberry.
This is my friend Liv's little girl, Frances.
I just love her!  She is adorable!
 Kaden wanted to look like he'd been in a fight, with cuts, dirt and bruises on his face.  So I used some lip liner and Halloween makeup to help him achieve his goal.  Apparently, when one of his friends asked how he got the black eye, he replied, "My Mom did that!"

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

School Pictures

 October 23, 2013
The boys brought home their school pictures today.
Kaden always likes to look good on picture day, but this year he took it to another level, insisting that he wear a button-up and a tie.  He says the whole class thinks his picture looks the best.
Kaden: Grade 5, Age 10
Versii: Grade 1, Age 6

 I can't believe how much older both Kaden and Versii look since last year!  They are growing up so quickly. 
...And next year we'll be looking at Paxton's first school picture, as he'll start Kindergarten!

Birthday Weekend Campout

 October 18, 2013 
For Josh's birthday, he wanted to go on a family camping trip over the weekend.  So we picked up the boys from school and left for Astoria on Friday afternoon.  
 Checking out the sea lions on the docks.
 Visiting the Astoria Column.
We all climbed the column.
Although, Versii was scared to go inside because of the small space and noise, we got him to climb all 164 steps. 
The view from the top.

 After visiting the Astoria Column, we grabbed dinner and then settled into our "deluxe" cabin at Fort Stevens.  The ultimate in camping: Beds, lights, a heater, a TV with DVD player, microwave, fridge and our own bathroom.
 We decided to forgo going out in the cold to build a fire, so the boys just made s'more sandwiches with plain marshmallows.
 The boys snuggled on the top bunk playing video games.
Kaden bought this faux coon-skin cap with his own money.
 October 19, 2013
Exploring the area.
 Battery Russell at Fort Stevens.
It was one of nine concrete gun batteries used by the US Army Coast Artillery Corp.
 Although it was closed as an active sight back in 1944, it is now the ultimate play ground for boys.  They could have stayed all day exploring and playing.

Fort Stevens Shipwreck
 The boys had so much fun just playing in the water and running handfuls of wet sand up and down the beach.
In the end, they were all a big sandy mess!
After we stripped them down and got them all into dry clothes, we drove into Astoria and checked into a hotel so we could stay in town another night.
Waiting for the Trolley.
Riding the Astoria Trolley.  
After our trolley ride we walked around downtown for awhile before heading back to the hotel for swimming, pizza and movies.
Sunday morning, Josh's birthday, we packed up and drove home.  I made Josh a pumpkin roll instead of cake and we all took turns saying why we were grateful he was born.  Kaden was glad because Daddy's birth made his birth possible.  Versii was glad because Daddy took them camping for his birthday.  And Paxton just said, "I'm happy you were born cause it's your birthday!"
All the boys made him birthday cards!