Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Our Home - The Complete Remodel!

As many of you are well aware, my lack of blogging has been due to an extensive home remodel that we started a year ago February.  The mass amount of work our home needed has basically consumed our lives up until now.  And while we still have hours of touch-up paint and small finish work details to complete, I am happy to say that we are finally finished and have moved in!      
Above: Our home as it looked the day we bought it, back in February 2014.  The tan and peach color and the ugly front porch made it a real eye-sore.
...And now that it is finished, it looks a million times better!  We removed most of the stucco and replaced it with Hardiplank siding, replaced the front door, added windows and doors, added new gutters and completely removed the front porch/railing and built it new. 
We didn't make any huge changes to the shop.  However, we did put on a new roof, replaced the plywood door with a real door, replaced the windows, added trim and gave it new paint.  It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do!
Below are the rest of the Before/After pictures of the outside.  I did my best to capture the same angles as I took in the before pictures so you can have a better idea of exactly how it looked before.
The old front porch was just plywood and underneath the stucco posts, the wood was rotting and in bad shape.  We used this beautiful ipe wood for the decking, with metal posts and cable railing.  I love how it turned out!

The front of the basement previously did not have any windows.

If I hadn't experienced it for myself, simply looking at the before and after pictures, it's sometimes hard to imagine just how many hours of work each project took.  Below are just a few of the "During" pictures to give you an idea.
On the front porch they removed the window from the end, started removing the stucco and opened up the wall to add in the french doors off the master.
 Demolition on the porch, created a huge mess of debri that had to be manually hauled down to the dropbox located at the street. 
On the east side, they removed the stucco three stories up, patched in plywood where windows were being relocated or changed, added a covering of Tyvec before siding and then had to install the new siding, often working several feet off the ground.  The new siding alone, took 2 days full days work.
I will post pictures of the inside of our home soon!