Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mom's 64th Birthday!

March 19, 2016
Mom celebrating her 64th Birthday!  Mom and I met my sister-in-laws, Ann and Sakurako, at Chevy's for a girl's lunch.  Mom and her birthday Flan after they sung to her.
The Pinewood Derby fell on Mom's birthday.  So they came up, ate pizza with us and went to the Derby.
After the derby, we went back home and had cake with Mom!  Dad had a vanilla cake with lemon filling made for her.  

 We made Mom a photo book from Shutterfly for her birthday!
Love you Mom!  

Pinewood Derby

 March 19, 2016
Versii's first Pinewood Derby. 
He chose #26 for his car.  And he had help from his Dad, Grandpa and Uncle Jeff in designing and building his car.
 It was names "the Silver Bullet".

 My brother Jeff, Dad, Kaden and nephew Chris...waiting for the races to begin.

 Versii came in 1st place on the first race!  

 Every race after that, he raced a line up with Flint, whose car came in 1st every time. 
 Versii came in 2nd, every time!

 Kaden and his friend Asia, entertaining themselves during the races.
 The top 3 and their cars and medals!  Right to Left: Flint in 1st Place, Versii in 2nd and Reed in 3rd!  Versii was pretty excited to come in 2nd place for his first Pinewood Derby!  All the boys there had a great time laughing and racing!  
Versii's Prizes!

 L to R: Chris, Paxton, Dad, Josh, Joy, Kaden, Versii, Mom, Jeff
Congratulations Versii!  We're so happy for you!

Aunt Amanda and AO Visit

 March 3, 2016 
Josh's sister Amanda and her daughter Aolonie (AO for short) came to visit us.  Mandie and I took AO to OMSI one of the days, while the boys were in school.  She loved it!

 AO and the boys playing Trouble.
 Here they are watching the preview to Zootopia.  We all went to watch it and loved it!  It might be one of my favorite animated films.  They had just enough adult humor thrown in to keep the adults entertained, but the kids also found it funny...Great film!
March 9, 2016 
Josh took Mandie for a drive up Columbia River and to see Multnomah Falls.
We're glad you could make your first trip to the Northwest to see us!  Love you Mandie and AO!

Dad's 75th Birthday

 March 4, 2016
My Dad turned 75 this year, on March 3rd.  We had Mom and Dad over for dinner and cake the day after his birthday.  Banana cream and Chocolate Ganache, yum!

 We made Dad a slideshow for his birthday!
And, while going through pictures we decided that we need to have more family seems either Josh or I are constantly missing from photos, as we are the ones taking them.  Often times I can only find photos of Josh and the boys or myself and the boys...but not all of us together.  So, he we are with my Dad.  Love you Dad!


 February 25, 2016
Josh and the boys built a bonfire to burn the old rotten wood we had lying around, since we needed to clear the way for our new rock wall to be built.  

 I love this one.
Dancing around the fire.


 February 20, 2016 
Josh's Boss, Kerry, and his son, Matt, took the boys out clam digging.  They had a great trip!
 Matt (on the left) and Kerry (on the right)
Versii and Paxton managed some time to play in the sand!
 Kaden working hard, collecting clams!

Kerry showing the boys how to shell and cook the clams.
I hear Josh caught quite a few clams for his first time out.
Thanks again Kerry!