Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kaden Goes Live!

 June 26, 2017: Kaden asked if I would come to the final assembly of the year, so I could record him playing with his band.  Of course, I wouldn't miss it!  And of course, he's too cool to smile LOL!  He thinks I take way too may pictures haha.
 I'm not sure exactly how the band was started or organized, but here they are.
L to R: Isabella (vocalist), Kaden (bass), Ingrid (drums) and Kaden's Science Teacher, Mr. Hunting (guitar)

This is Kaden's first live performance (outside of his Band Concerts)!  Rocking his final middle school assembly, playing "Nothin' But A Good Time"!  So proud of him!

Hello Summer!

June 26, 2017: Last Day of School! 
Next year Paxton will be in 3rd Grade, Versii in 5th and Kaden will be a freshman in high school!  They are growing up so fast!
 Versii insisted on a photo with the cat.
 Most of the kiddos at our bus stop.  

Long Beach Campout

 June 23, 2017: Josh took Versii and Paxton off for an overnight campout in Long Beach, Washington.  They had a great time!  Josh said the campground they stayed at had a pool, nice bathrooms and a playground.  He said they'd definitely go back again!  Kaden opted to stay home because he did not want to miss out on hanging with his friends at the after graduation party at Big Al's.  

 The boys love the beach!  
Josh said it was the perfect weather!

Liv's Birthday

 June 23, 2017: Celebrating my dear friend Liv's birthday with a fun girl's night!  We made s'mores and laughed the night away!  Always a great time!  Thanks again Liv, love you!

YM/YW Hike

June 14, 2017
The Young Men and Young Women had a joint activity and met up for a hike at Cape Horn.  This photo was recently posted online, so I thought I'd share it here.  

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Kaden's 8th Grade Graduation

June 23, 2017: Kaden's 8th Grade Graduation Celebration!
I went over with Jana, Kaden's best friend's Mom.  We tried to get there early...but apparently we weren't early enough.  We ended up high in the bleachers, but we managed to sit near the center, so we were able to have a nice view of everything.  

Kaden receiving the Citizenship Award.  There were less than 25 kids in his graduating class to be selected for this award.  The students who receive the Citizenship Award are selected by their team of teachers in honor of their excellent example in and outside of the classroom.  I'm so proud of Kaden!  The neat thing is that his best friend Gabe also received the same award.
This is a video of the video presentation they showed during graduation.  Kaden is featured a few times. 
 A few still shots from the video. 

 Kaden with his Completion Certificate and his Citizenship Award!
 Kaden and I after graduation, before they left for a class trip to play at Big Al's!
 Gabe and his Mom, Jana.
 Kaden and Gabe aren't too fond of our Mom need for lots of photos, but they will often humor us with a few shots.

 Kaden hit his happy face photo limit LOL!

 Kaden trying to jump in on Jana's Mother/Son selfie.
And this photo here: My newest favorite of Kaden!  
I love everything about it!  I love his genuine smile and the happiness I see in his face!

The Final Band Concert

 June 20, 2017: Kaden's Final 8th Grade Band concert.  He won't be doing band in high school, because you can only play electric bass in Jazz Band.  His high school only offers Jazz Band during "zero period", which is before school.  And Kaden is planning to attend early morning seminary during the same time.  But, I have no doubt that he will continue to play his bass on his own.  Kaden has a great ear for music and is able to learn new songs easily.  He definitely has a talent for music!  On an unrelated note to music, as Mom and I watched Kaden's concert, we decided he is the most handsome young man in the band!  I mean look how cute he is in the picture above.   

"Jupiter's Hymn"
The 8th Grade band played 4 different selections...and I recorded each song for your listening pleasure.
"Sesame Street Showcase"
My personal favorite of the 4: "Gabriel's Oboe"
And last..."The Seventh Day"

Father's Day Weekend

 June 17, 2017: Our friends, the Wagner's came up to visit us and see our home for the first time since we moved in.  
We had a lovely time showing them around, chatting, throwing the styrofoam airplanes in the field next door and going out to eat.  We had Mod Pizza for dinner and Menchie's Frozen Yogurt for dessert.  
It's always fun to catch up with friends!
June 18, 2017: Father's Day!  Our boys are so blessed to have Joshua!  He plays with them, teaches them to work, takes them on road trips and camping adventures, and supports them!  We are so thankful for all he does!  We love you Joshua!
 Paxton made Josh some sweet gifts.  I love this fish art!

 "My Dad is the best catch because he play fights with me, gives me piggy back rides and watches movies with me.  Love, Paxton"

Versii and Paxton also each made Josh a card on Father's Day.  We made him a special omelette breakfast and he was even able to enjoy a nap after church.