Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

December 25, 2012 - Christmas Day.
Paxton opening his gift from Santa.
An Avengers Lego set, with Hulk.

 Versii's gift from Santa: A Giraffe Dream Lite

 Kaden's gift from Santa: Super Mario Bros. 2 for the 3DS

 Opening gifts from Grandma and Grandpa...Mario K'Nex Guys, a huge set of Lego guys and playdough.

 These boys love Halo.

 Paxton asked for dinosaur socks for Christmas.
You've never seen a kid so excited to open socks before.
He was so happy!
 Versii asked for lots of cool cars!  
 And Kaden asked for boxer brief underwear.  
 Kaden testing out the remote control car from his Mama and Dane.
 Working on building the Halo base.  
I organized all the pieces for him...cause I'm good like that.
 In the late afternoon, the boys and I went out to Grandma's for dinner.
Josh came down with a bad cold on Christmas Eve night and wasn't feeling well, so we left him to rest in peace and quiet at home.
Grandma got the boys Monstaz.  Which they really badly wanted!
And she got them each a drawing set and markers.
 Aunt Gail got the boys a Doodle Pro, a spy set and the game Trouble.
 Paxton and his cousin Elizabeth.
 Our cousin CJ, had brought his dog Mitzi over.  The boys loved her.
 Versii taking Paxton's picture.
The boys busy coloring.

Christmas Eve

 December 24, 2012 - Our first real fire in our fireplace.
 Opening their new pajamas.
 Kaden wanted "footy" pajamas so bad, ever since we left Oregon, when we threw out his old ones.  Which were a pair Josh picked up from the thrift store, as a joke...only it back-fired and Kaden loved them!  He used to want to wear them every night and he would try to put them on every day after he came home from school...or even try to wear them under his clothes.  Such a funny kid.
 Kaden and Josh picked out these guns for Versii and Paxton.
Paxton was super excited!

And the final Christmas Eve gift the boys opened was Halo 4.  
One of the top things on their wish list!
Kaden was most excited about that!

Early Christmas Gift

 December 23, 2012 - I decided to let the boys have an early Christmas gift.  This one is from Grandma and Grandpa Thatcher.  It's a Lego organizer, with 6 clam boxes.  My Mother-in-law joked that it was more a gift for me, and maybe it is.  I do love organization and this was their one gift I couldn't wait to be opened!  But the boys do love it!  And they even helped me organize their Legos for about an hour...and then I was left to finish the job.  They are really enjoying the fact, that now they can more easily find what they want.  As we organized all the people and tiny pieces in one bin, the car parts in another, flat one in 2 bins and bricks in 2 bins.  Plus an additional bin for random shapes.

And sometimes boxes are just too much fun to resist playing in.

To Grandmother's House We Go

 December 23, 2012 - After our Christmas Party, we stopped by for a visit with Grandma.  She gave the boys each a hat she had knitted.  They love them!
And she let me try on her vintage wool and fur coats.
To which she states, "You wouldn't dare wear these out in public now days or you may be killed."
This one is my favorite.

Lights at Temple Square

 December 23, 2012 - On our way to a Christmas party we were attending, we decided to stop last minute for a quick look at the lights at Temple Square.  We had wanted to go early, but it had been too cold.  I was a little upset that I hadn't brought the camera along, as picture quality on phones just isn't the same, and we hadn't planned the stop.  But it was beautiful to see the lights and snap a few shots.

Ward Christmas Party

 December 21, 2012 - Kaden, as a wise man, and Versii, as the donkey, at the dress rehearsal for the Nativity for our Ward Christmas Party.  
 December 22, 2012 - The Nativity performance.
The program was narrated, so the kids just had to move to their varies places and try their best not to fidget. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Best Sweater Award!

December 21, 2012 - And the "Best Sweater" Award goes to...Joshua.
Josh's work had an "Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest."  Here's the sweater I made him, complete with blinking lights, that Josh picked up from the hardware store.  According to the boys, it's "very cute and not ugly at all."  He didn't win for the ugliest, but everyone loved it!