Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Wonderland

 January 12, 2013 
The boys just had to get out and play in the mountains of snow!

Revamping the Fireplace

 January 12, 2013
The above picture is from July, but is the best reference of what the original fireplace looked like.  
 We decided that it would look nice to equal out the space of wall on either side of the fireplace and add built in book cases on both sides.
It was a team effort.  Josh broke out the brick on the side of the fireplace and removed the entire hearth, while the boys and I moved the old bricks out to a pile in the back yard.
 Just prior to clean-up.
 Here is what's left and we cleared everything out.
We had thought that we would put new brick veneers over the front of the existing brick, but then we decided to just re-grout the old brick.  Next, we'll likely frame it out in wood and add a flat cement hearth.
I'll post more on the fireplace wall as it progresses.  But I am excited to see it finished.

Snow Days Do Exist!

January 12, 2013
There has been accumulated snow on the ground here in Utah since a few days before Christmas.  This day, they cancelled school for the first time.  I was told that they almost never cancel school here.  But we had received over a foot and a half overnight and the kids were scheduled to have a half day.  So I think that may have played a part in the decision to close.
Unfortunately, the kids didn't really go out to enjoy it, since they were sick and I didn't want them to get worse.  
Also, I'd like to note, that shoveling that much snow is quite the workout. And I do not much enjoy the incline of our driveway...slipped and fell twice while I was trying to shovel it.  ;)

Lil' Sumos

January 6, 2013
The real reason my boys love footy pajamas!
They think it is super fun to stuff themselves fat, with blankets, pillows and stuffed animals.  Unfortunately, when I bought them for the boys for Christmas, I didn't get a pair for Versii...remembering that when he was young, he hated footy pajamas.  Now, I am having a hard time finding him a pair, and he really wants some.  In the future, I might do well to remember that they all end up wanting the same thing...

New Floor Preview

We have decided to install new wood floor over top of the existing wood.
Here is a preview of what it will look like.  I'm so excited for the new floor to be complete.    

New Year, New School

 January 2, 2013 
The boys started their school year at the charter school, Jefferson Academy.  Due to enormous amounts of course work and other issues, we decided that in would be in the boys best interest to switch to our local elementary school after Christmas Break.  Here's Kaden on his way out the door on his first day at their new school.  (Versii is in the afternoon kindergarten, so they leave at different times, but they both get out of school at the same time now.)
 When I went to pick them up, they both begged to walk home with their friends.  Paxton wanted to see them walking by, so we snapped this picture from the parking lot at our local park.
 They both had great first days of school and the adjustment to their new classes gone well.  Kaden and Versii both know some kids in classes from church, so they already have friends there.  Their work load has lightened a bit and they are able to enjoy being kids, instead of spending most of the evening doing homework.  And finally, Versii is eager to go to school.  Most days I am hearing Versii say, "I love school!"  and "Today at school was so fun Mom!"  --I'm really glad we made the decision to switch.

Get Well Pax

December 31, 2012 
New Year Eve's I took Paxton to urgent care for a bad cough.
After 3 hours at urgent care and an x-ray later, the doctor confirmed what we already suspected...Paxton had bronchitis. 
And as older brothers sometimes do - while waiting in the exam room, Kaden and Versii did their best to try and convince Paxton that the doctor was going to come in with a chain saw and cut his open to check his guts.

Camo Kado

 December 30, 2012 
Kaden loves camo...and he wears his new footy pajamas every chance he gets.  Here he is all decked out in his gear - complete with his little brother Paxton's vest and sleeves from another jacket as shin guards.

Paxton Love Whit

December 26, 2012 
Paxton holding "baby Whit-in-ney", as he calls her, for the very first time.
He loves baby Whitney.