Friday, May 19, 2017

Our New Camper

 May 13, 2017: We now own a Camp Trailer.  It's a hardtop A-frame with a dormer over the eating nook.  Josh camps with the Scouts at least once a month and he loves to take the boys camping.  But he really wanted a comfortable bed and packing/unpacking so much gear into the car for single night campouts is a lot of work.  We loaded it up with bedding and supplies, so now when they want to camp, they'll just have to pack clothes and food, hitch up and be on their way.  Josh is super excited for all the memories he'll make with the boys over the next few years!

 Just after we completed inspection and hooked it up to the car, we went back inside to finish the paperwork and it started hailing.  
So much hail it was nearly an inch thick.

Scout Hikes

 May 3, 2017: I work with the 9 year old Bear Scouts and Josh works with the 12 and 13 year old scouts, through our church.  We decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and take the boys for hikes.  I took Paxton and the Bears to Steigerwald Nature Refuge for a hike.

 And Josh's Scouts went on a hike near LaCamas Lake.

Kaden - Track 2017 Season

 April 18, 2017: 1st Track Meet at Shahala.
 April 20, 2017: Meet at Wy'East
Kaden ran the mile, the 100 meter and long jump.
 He got 12'4" in the Long Jump, his best of the season.

 April 25, 2017: Home Meet against Frontier

 Kaden's best friend Gabe's Mom, Jana, volunteering at the Long the pouring rain!
 Kaden competed in Shot Put for the first time. He threw 21 feet.
The fields were so spongy and muddy...thank goodness for rain boots!
 May 2nd, 2017: Meet at Covington
Kaden and Gabe waiting to do Shot Put.
 These two are not fans of the many photos we take...notice Gabe's face when he sees the camera.

 The mark of a Shot Putter in the Northwest = mud spot on your neck.
Soaking wet Kaden!  Another rainy meet!
 May 4th, 2017: Annual Twilight meet at Doc Harris Stadium against Liberty.  Here the team is preparing to start the famous Camas Jumping Jacks.
 Kaden and Gabe entertaining themselves while waiting to do Shot Put.

 Throwing Shot Put.  He got his personal best of 24' 9.5"  
Way to go Kaden!

 Running the 100 meter side by side with Gabe.

Video collage of clips from the season.
 May 11th, 2017: Meet at Pacific

Yet another crazy rainy meet.  
 May 16th, 2017: The Final Meet of the season - Home Meet against Cascade.  By far the rainiest, coldest, most miserable meet of the season.  It was 47 degrees, pouring rain the entire time and even a few strikes of lighting at the start...threatening to postpone.  Although, after their mandatory 30 minutes waiting period after the last strike of lighting, they decided to proceed with the meet as planned.
I put together our 2 umbrellas and the big beach towel to make a fort to protect the littles from the rain.

Kaden's Season Records.
Fortunately, my trusty friend, Jana, had me covered with an extra umbrella.  I literally could not feel my fingers when we were done.  And Kaden was freezing, as he had chosen to shed his warm-up and just run around in his shorts and tank top.  So glad this rainy season is over.  I don't think I could handle another cold, rainy meet.  There were literally only 2 out of 7 meets that were rain-free.