Thursday, August 12, 2010

Once Upon an Update...

...Okay, so I've finally updated the blog. And it only took an entire day to do. I just blogged 2 & 1/2 months of pictures and updates! So for those of you who like to check out every post. You've got about 4 of them, starting with "June."
The most current news at the moment is this:
Josh and our 2 older boys are out camping tonight. While Paxton and I will be enjoying the ammentities of home. ---Paxton's asleep now, which is why I am finally caught up. And the blog probably wouldn't have taken the entire day to update if he wasn't such a crazy busy boy! That kid is into everything! And he's not satisfied to play by himself. So if any one ever wonders why I tend to be tardy with my posts, I can give you one reason....his name is Paxton!

Mini Reunion at the Coast

Monday night we headed over to Otis, near Lincoln City for a little family reunion.
Being mid-week and some-what short notice, not all of the family were able to come out. But those of us who were able to, had a great time!

This reunion provided us a chance to hit the beach for a few minutes Monday evening.
Due to the weather and the time of day, we didn't play long. But it was Paxton's first time! He loved it! We found a shell and he just went crazy digging. We left the camera at the hotel, so the pictures at the beach were all taken with Josh's phone. It actually takes decent photos, but the problem is, with the delay, from the time you hit the button to the time it captures the picture, the kids have already moved. But I managed to get a few good shots.

Josh, Kaden and Versii built their own island city.
Wouldn't you like to vacation here?

Here we are in Otis at my Uncle Karl & Aunt Kim's cabin.
You can see the large picnic structure in the background behind Versii (above).

Versii loves construction vehicles, so he was thrilled to be able to climb up into the Caterpillar.

Paxton is in love with Uncle Karl's dog. When we first arrived he ran around chasing after the dog, saying "
arf! arf!" So cute!

I think this stacked wood made the coolest backdrop for pictures.

I love the look on Versii's face as he's helping Josh stack firewood. Just so happy to be helping!

On the right: Paxton loves his Grandpa! He's always picking his front pocket. He mostly finds pens, but sometimes he finds Grandpa's cellphone! And you should see how excited he gets!

Here Versii's saying, "I want to do that!" ---Kaden had a blast riding the quad! He's ridden on them before, but he never drove one. Uncle Karl had a quad made for 6+. So this was a first for him!

All the boys got to ride the quads, even Paxton.
My cousins Aleesha and Vanessa happened to be in town from Utah, so they dropped by. I don't think I've seen either of them in person since we were kids!

Here's Versii making the hill into a slide. Check out that dirty lil' bum!

Left to Right, back to front: Aunt Becky & Uncle Leo, Aunt Sheila & Uncle David, Mom & Dad, Aunt Kim & Uncle Karl, Aunt Carol & Uncle Jay.
(Also in attendance, but not pictured above: Cousins: Jared & Anna and boys, Kelsey & Michael, KJ, Aunt Sheila & Uncle David's kids, my brothers Josh and Darren & sister-in-law Kate.)

Tuesday was not a sunny day, but these crazy kids of mine wanted to go swimming anyway. Versii was in the pool for only a few minutes, but Kaden swam for a long time! Lucky for him he had the option to get warmed up in the hot tub in between dives in the pool!
We had a great time! And the kids had a blast! They got to spend the entire day outside, play in the dirt, ride quads, eat and swim! What more could a boy ask for?!

When it's sunny, it sprinkles!

July 18th - The boys had so much fun playing the the sprinkler!
I kind of joked that on a day that it's actually sunny and we're so hot, we must miss that rain so much we create it artificially!

Do my boys know how to enjoy ice cream, or what?
Those are faces you've just got to love!

Utah in July

Mom, Versii, Paxton, and I flew down to Utah on the 4th of July to attend my cousin Amy's wedding the following weekend. (Dad and Josh drove down on Thursday.)
We all stayed at Grandma's house.
That evening we watched the neighbor's fireworks. Versii was not a fan at all and wanted to go inside, while Paxton was so excited by them, he was clapping and wanted to run right up to check them out...which of course he could not do.
One of the biggest excitements would have to be Grandma's "happy clock" (Pictured above in the top center.) Every hour it chimes a tune and the clock face rotates apart to reveal hot air balloons circulating around. Versii was obsessed to say the least. We tried to be there every hour to watch it. And when it was through, he would instruct say, "You sit there and I'll sit here to watch it again." ---Then we would have to explain that we couldn't sit there and wait. Maybe one day we will have our own "happy" clock.
Also pictured above is Versii with Grandma's chocolate powder. He is obsessed with chocolate milk too. "Mommy, NO stir it round, NO shaking!" He's such a particular kid.

While in Utah, we took advantage of passport program and used our
OMSI membership to get in free to Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. We went twice. The first time we forgot the camera back on Grandma's kitchen counter. They have a real life-flight helicopter on the rooftop and both Versii and Paxton loved it! Versii's other favorite was the Little Tikes truck that he's driving (above).

My cousin, Amy, got married on July 10
th in the Manti Temple.
Amy made a beautiful bride! The wedding was amazing, the food at the luncheon was delicious and the reception was so much fun! Who doesn't love a candy buffet?
Versii ate an entire bag of M&M's!
I had so much fun seeing so much of the family I rarely have the chance to see.
Plus, on the drive to
Manti, I finished reading "The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner", which was a great book!

We had a great time in Utah!
....Except, I did get a nasty sunburn while I was outside after the wedding. And then between the wedding and reception I put sunscreen on that it turns out I'm allergic too. Rash on top of sunburn is not fun!


June 12th - The boys enjoying some fun at the park with Daddy!

June 13
th - Enjoying the great outdoors, up near Rooster Rock.

The picture of Kaden, on the right, is one of my favorites of the year!

June 18
th - Kaden finished the 1st Grade. He had a great year! He's the best reader and fastest runner in his class!

June 21st - Portland Children's Museum
The boys hard at work: Versii's checking groceries, while Paxton's busy taking calls.