Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Boys will be boys!

Here's a little video Josh took for your viewing enjoyment.
It's short & sweet.
Mostly because the memory card was almost full.

Happy 3rd Birthday Versii!

Versii turned 3 on May 23rd!
He was super excited about the balloons and the presents!
It's hard to believe he's 3 already. He doesn't understand the age thing yet.
We keep saying, "You're 3 years old!" And Versii says, "I'm not 3, I'm a Versii!"
Versii loves planes, trains, cars, trucks...any thing that moves really.
So he loved his cake!
"Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you!"
Here are the boys after Daddy pushed there faces into the cake.

I couldn't get one picture where he wasn't standing on his tip-toes.
But I did get him to stand right for a measurement.
May 23rd 2010
Versii is 38 and 5/8 inches tall.
He grew 4 inches since his last birthday!
He seems so tall to me. He's just turned 3 and he's already wearing 4T clothes.

Happy 7th Birthday Kaden!

Kaden turned 7 on May 20th!
I can't believe he so grown up!
He's about to finish the 1st Grade. He's the fastest runner in his class. He's the most advanced reader in his class. He has a girlfriend. And when I asked what he wanted for his birthday he said, "I want Lego Indiana Jones, but not the other Indiana Jones...cause that's inappropiate."
Kaden wanted his Mario square on his cake.
He still loves Super Mario Bros. I sometimes wonder if he's wonder if he's a little too obsessed. He told me once that when he grows up he wanted to be an actor and play Luigi & Indiana Jones.
The boys on Kaden's birthday!
May 20th 2010
Kaden is 48 and 3/4 inches tall.
He grew 3 inches since his last birthday.
That means this summer he can ride any ride he wants at Oaks Park. Which is a big deal!
This year was Kaden's first "Friend Party." He was really excited!
Left to Right: Aaron, Jaycen, Rick, Kaden, Bea, Versii and Megan
Left to Right: Jaycen, Aaron, Bea, Kaden, Rick, Versii and Megan
Always a silly face with this one.
When Kaden's friend Bea arrived at his party,
he said to all his friends,
"That's my girlfriend Bea. She's just my girlfriend!"
And then during Kaden's birthday party,
he said to his friend Megan,
"I love you. But not enough to marry you. I love Bea! And I'm going to marry her!"
"Just what I wished for! I wished for Lego: Indiana Jones and my wish came true!"
Left to right: Megan, Grandma, Bea, Versii, Kaden, Rick, Aaron and Jaycen
Kaden had so much fun at his party! Thanks to all his friends!
A bag full of boys & a G.I. Joe Ninja...what more could you want!

My Texas Getaway

Paxton & I flew on a buddy pass out to Texas, to visit my sister Julie, on May 12th.
(Thank you Jenn!)
We spent a week with Jewels. And Josh stayed home with the "big boys" while we were away.
(Thanks Josh!)
And flying standby turned out to be a better experience than I imagined.
I guess Wednesdays are great days to fly standby. We really did walk right onto the plane, just like Jenn said we would. Plus I forgot how beautiful the view from the air can be. The entire sky was blanketed with clouds when we took off from Portland. It was amazing...and not surprising either.
This was Paxton 2nd flight to Texas.
He was 10 days old the first time he went to Texas, on his first flight.
He's a great flyer! He slept for the 1st hour of each flight on the way there.
Bird-watching from Ashlyn and Austin's room.
This is actually the only picture of me while I was in Texas.
Here I am on a chair that I would love to own.
Julie & I spent a lot of time shopping for her new home.
Paxton at the Gristmill.
A yummy restaurant, Julie took us to, in an old mill.
Josh's Mom came with us and quickly became Paxton's new best friend by feeding him whipped cream!

A came across a couple of serious drivers during a quick trip to home depot.
(Paxton and his cousin Austin.)
Paxton and his Mimi
(AKA-Josh's Mom Jenny)
I love this little picture.
Pretending to talk on the phone is one of Paxton's favorite things to do. Everything goes to the ear. Everything's a phone.
I'm in love with the pool boy.
This was Paxton first time at the pool.
He loved it!
He's so different from Versii. When Versii was his age, he cried when I tried to take him in the pool.

Paxton had a blast one night climbing in Julie's entertainment center.
On the right: My tiny traveler. Paxton in the Arizona airport on the way home.
He's now been in 5 states:
Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona & Texas.

While in Texas, Jewels and I went to this place called Homestead Handcrafts and found this little treasure. It's a train coin bank. The boys love trains and there are exactly the right number of cars. Jewels even ordered vinyl lettering so we could label one for each boy.
Thanks Jewels! I had a great time! And I can't wait to visit again!

The Random Post

Above: This is Kaden and Versii's acorn treasure collection.
They spent hours outside one day searching for all these treasures in the yard.
Below: I just love this picture of Josh and Paxton!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hospital: Our New Home

My 1st trip to the hospital was a day trip with Joshua.
He had his 3rd surgery on his nose Apr 21st. They did a septoplasty and removed a bunch of scar tissue. He said it was the most painful of the 3.
My 2nd trip to the hospital was with Versii on April 24th. He got sick on Friday morning with vomiting and diarrhea. I'll just say that Friday I changed 20 diapers and he vomited 17 times. Saturday he wasn't drinking much and was still really sick. So, I took him to the ER. They hooked him up to an IV and he hated it, of course. He kept waking up every 10 minutes, saying, "Get it off, I want to go home." While I was there, I changed 7 diapers. And right before they were about to release us, Si pooped again and when I went to change it, the doctor was in the room. And when he saw the volume and consistency, he said, "We're going to have to admit him. You won't be able to keep up with hydrating him yourself." ---So we got a room and ended up staying in the hospital until Monday night at 7pm. They confirmed that Versii had Rotavirus. Which is the most common cause of hospitalization from diarrhea. He seemed a little better on Tuesday morning, but by evening he had gone downhill again. I couldn't get him to drink and then I changed a diaper that was so full it literally flooded out the back and the legs when I laid him down. ---I had a little meltdown and cried. Then we went back to the ER and were admitted for our 2nd stay. This time we stayed until Thursday morning. At first Versii hated the hospital, but after a few days, I think he kind of liked having 24 hour attention from Mommy. By the end, he didn't even want to go home. But we told him, that everyone at home missed him. And he said, "They is sad without me."
His fleece blanket was a gift from "Project Linus" - They are a non-profit organization that provide security blankets to kids going through illnesses. I can't thank them enough. The blanket was waiting for us when we got up to his room. Versii loves his new blanket and it made him as comfortable as he could be in a hospital.
We could see the helipad from our room. And Versii got to see the Life Flight come in.
We came home from the hospital on Thursday and by Monday he seemed to be all better.