Saturday, November 21, 2009

November Picture Highlights

This is Kaden's fish he made at school. During the month of October they learned all about fish and this month they're learning about maps.

Happy little Paxton.

Here's my new haircut. I think it's just alright. Not too thrilled with it, but it's shorter, which it what I wanted. I'm definitely not happy how the bangs turned out, but at least they'll grow back quickly.

Paxton is practically crawling already. It's not official yet, but he gets up on all fours and moves his knees. He just hasn't figured out how to move his hands forward yet.

The boys watching TV.

Paxton. I just thought this was a great picture to see what his eye color looks like right now. I love the color they are now, but I'm still undecided about what color they will end up. I bet they'll be all the other boys in the family.

Paxton - 5 months old

Paxton was officially 5 months old on Halloween.

Halloween 2009

Believe it or not, this was the first year that we carved pumpkins with the kids. Well, they mostly watched. And after all that work, I realise why we never did it before. I thought Kaden would have a blast cleaning out the pumpkin guts, but he thought it was too gross. I made him pick out all the seeds, since he was supposed to count them for homework. And he whined the whole time about the slimy stuff touching his hands.

Here are the boys at the Primary Halloween activity at church. They had a fun time!

Left: Paxton as a little frog (This costume was 1st worn by his cousin, Austin and then by Versii and then on to Paxton ---The last frog in the family.) Right: Versii as a cow. He had a real tantrum putting on his costume and then once we got him into it, he grabbed his tail and just kept saying, "Look a tail, a tail!"

You can see him grabbing the tail here.

Kaden dressed up as his favorite video game character, Luigi. (He loves this costume so much some point in the day...he has put it on, every day since Halloween. ---Josh and I agree that we got our money's worth out of this costume. Versii even wore it around once or twice too.)

Kaden doing some Luigi action moves and toting a heavy bag of candy!

Versii was a little scared of the "trick or treating," but he sure did love the candy after. And Paxton slept for awhile, but woke up a happy lil' frog.

Here are the boys getting ready to head out "trick or treating" for the night. Josh dressed as a vampire with crazy white eyes and the boys had a lot of fun!

Halloween Weekend Fishing Trip

I'm not sure where exactly the guys went fishing, but somewhere out at the coast. And while they were gone, they witnessed a guy try to pass them in a no passing zone and then the road curved and the guy was gone to fast to make it back into his lane, lost control of his car and rolled it. Apparently when the guy's car scraped against the power line pole, it completely ripped off the paneling outside of his doors. Believe it or not the guy walked out the car unharmed and tried to tell police that our guys tried to run him off the road. The police didn't buy that story at all. The guy was upset about the accident because he claimed he lived out of his car. Dad joked, "What's the rush to get home, if you're already there." --Crazy!

I don't think the guys got any fish that trip, but they did get some crabs.

October Update

The boys love their legos. Kaden has the classic small legos and Versii has the Lego Duplo set. Legos have provided hours of entertainment in our house! And the baby's bumbo chair has been enjoyed by more than just baby.
Here's Kaden being embarrassed when I talk about him being a "ladies man" -- Kaden 1st grade teacher told us that he likes to talk to the ladies, all day long.
The 1st broken window - This happened when Kaden threw a magnetic wand at the window "to see if it would stick" - That's one reason why Mommy and Daddy are always saying "We don't throw toys." We got very lucky, since the windows came with a lifetime guarantee even against accidental breakage.
We got the kids this indoor tent/tube thing. I'm not sure what it's called, but the kids have fun in it...a little too much fun -- they already bent up the plastic rods that go inside the house tent. Boys play rough!

Versii playing in his play gym and hanging out with his favorite "lion" toy. I think every one in the house has the song memorized now. "I am a lion, I roar all day. I bounce up and down, that's how I play. Reach up high, roar. Reach down low, roar. I am a lion I roar all day. Roar!" --It's actually quite cute, and he loves to talk to it.

Paxton found his toes and loves to try and suck on them.

Versii desperate to go out on the porch one morning to "play sand" --- He didn't even want to get dressed, but I insisted he put socks, shoes, jacket and hat on. It was super cold, but he didn't seem to mind.

I finally got new glasses this month. These are a huge improvement from my last glasses, from which I would have never been photographed in. Anyway, I've been wearing them a lot lately because they were covered by my insurance and contacts are not. Josh planned to let me get
Lasik done, but we found out that they won't do it while you're nursing a baby, so I have to wait a few more months. --We figured that after a few years of paying for the cost of contacts and exams, the surgery would pay for itself.

Paxton is a very happy baby. He smiles a lot and giggles at the most random things - plastic grocery bags being one of them.

The boys enjoying lollipops!
Versii's been asking to sing the "lollipop" song a lot this month.
--"lollipop, lollipop, oh,
lolli-lolli-lolli lollipop, buh, dum, bum, bum..."
The boys all love to "play cars" -- They have so many cars, but somehow they're never enough.
Kaden started Kung Fu at the end of the month. So far he's loving it! He shows us his moves all the time and his friend from school is in his class, so they practice at recess.