Monday, February 17, 2014

4 Day Snow-eekend

February 8, 2014
It started snowing Thursday the 6th, and they let the boys out of school an hour early.  Friday was a snow day and Saturday it just kept snowing.  Between my shoveling Friday and Dad's shoveling the driveway Saturday, we had a small hill for the boys to sled in our front yard. 
And Saturday night the freezing rain started, so they cancelled church on Sunday. And then they cancelled school again on Monday.  Although, it was too icy for the boys to go out and play.
Grandpa giving rides on the four-wheeler.
This photo taken by Kaden's friend Ryann.

Divine Nature

February 5, 2014
For those of you who don't know, I work with the Young Women in our ward at church.  This month we're focusing on Divine Nature and we decided to have an activity about friendship and inner beauty.  We had the girls make friendship bracelet's for each other and have each girl  take turns in front of the blackboard, while everyone wrote words describing their character or "inner beauty".  And I took pictures for them so they could keep them as a reminder of their own greatness.  After we had each of the Young Women take their turn, they insisted that we, as leaders, take our turn.  Here's mine.
I'm still trying to figure out what "Smexy" means: I think maybe that makes me "smart sexy".  Anyway, we all ended up have a great night and laughing a lot.

Boy's Spirit Week

The week of February 27th was Spirit Week at the boy's school.  Monday was Crazy hair day: A favorite of my boys. And Thursday was Mismatch Day: We had a lot of fun with that.  The boys even decided to wear two different shoes.

McKenzie's Blanket

January 27, 2014
Finally sent off Josh's sister Ariel's baby blanket for her little girl McKenzie.  We sent it to Texas with Josh's Mom.  I love all the textures and colors in her blanket: ruffles, corduroy, sweater knit and woven and knit cottons. 

San Diego for My Sister's Wedding

 January 25, 2014
Mom, Dad, Joshua and I flew down to San Diego to attend my sister Julie's wedding.  Josh's Mom, Jenn, flew to Portland to watch the boys for the weekend.
(Above: Photos taken with my phone)
 Julie and her soon-to-be-husband, Michael, during their pre-ceremony photo session, outside the San Diego temple.
(Photo taken by their friend Angela Nelson.)
Make-up and hair by me.  Although by the time I finished her make-up, I only had 10 minutes to add in a few curls.
 I love Julie's eyes in this photo.
Absolutely gorgeous!
 Moments after this photo shoot, we all went into the temple and some time later, we were informed that due to a clerical error, Julie and Michael would not be able to be married as they planned. We were heartbroken for them.  Here's what Michael said in his post the following day:
 "Things did not go entirely as we planned yesterday. 
Despite months of planning and meticulous preparation, the majority of which was carried out by Julie, we were not able to be married yesterday.For those not familiar with LDS church policy, when people who have been married previously wish to be sealed to one another in a temple, written permission must be obtained from church leaders in Salt Lake City. Julie and I spent several months going through all the steps required, filling out paperwork, meeting with and being interviewed by our local clergy several times. By November, both Julie and I believed we had been granted the proper clearance to be married in the temple.After we chose a date that worked for everyone's schedule, Julie planned everything and worked very hard to pull together a special day for us. We had two interviews each with our respective leaders last week. We thought everything was set. However, when we arrived at the temple yesterday morning, it became clear that Julie had not received the proper clearance to be married. We were both incredibly disappointed. We spent hours trying to find a solution that would allow us to be married in the temple. We even considered going to the beach and getting married on the sand.But after prayer and counseling with family and loves ones who were in the temple with us, Julie and I decided not to give up what we want most for what we want right now, believing that our desire to be together forever is worth waiting for. As of tonight, our co-vacation has begun. We will work with our church leaders to get everything settled in order to be married in the temple as soon as possible. Hopefully that can happen here in Orlando.Thank you to everyone who was with us yesterday, and to all or loved ones for being so understanding and supportive. We anticipate having good news soon and are anxious to start our life together!"
 Julie and Michael at their luncheon. 
After the non-wedding, they decided that everyone should still enjoy lunch together and celebrate their soon-to-be-marriage. 
 Josh and I with Ashlyn and Austin.
In the evening, after the luncheon, Julie and Michael invited Josh and I to go over to his brother's hotel with them to visit.  We visited with Michael's brother, his wife and their adult children.
It ended up giving us a chance to get to know Michael a little bit better.  Mom and Dad had met him before, but we hadn't.  Michael and his family are so much fun!  We laughed a lot and ended up having a great night.
 That night, Josh and I stayed at the Marriot Marquis and Marina.  We ended up in a beautiful room with a bay view of the marina.  

President Monson personally signed off on Julie's paperwork on Monday morning, the 27th.  Julie and Michael were able to be sealed in the Orlando temple on January 29th, 2014.
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Bennett! 
Welcome to the family Michael!  I'm thrilled that Julie has found you and that you make her so happy!  Thanks for taking such great care of my sister.

End of Christmas Break

 December 29, 2013
Paxton wanted his hair spiked.
The boys in their new Christmas jammies, 
sent from their Mimi and Papa Moe.
(Pants made by Mimi)
January 1, 2014
New Year's Day, Versii made his "Pants People" and gave them a home.  Paxton helped decorate.
January 4, 2014
Kaden came home from Colorado in the late evening, after Versii and Paxton had already gone to bed.  Kaden was so excited to wake up and play with them that he left them a big note on his calendar.  "Wake me up NOW!"
Opening Kaden's stocking and a few gifts that arrived while he was away.
Blue Yoshi from Uncle Jeff, Aunt Ann, Christopher, Katie and Brandon.
Wipe Out for Wii, from Aunt Amanda.
Shirts and jeans from Aunt Amanda.
Thanks Mandy!
Excited to have Kado home!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Christmas Eve

 Decemeber 24, 2013
Christmas Eve: We had all the family over for appetizers and a gift exchange.  Including my sister-in-law, Sakurako's parents from Japan.  We had a great night.
We did a random gift exchange with the whole family, but Versii and Paxton don't really understand gifts being stolen and exchanged, so we usually trade getting gifts for our niece and nephew's, Katie and Brandon, who are autistic and also don't understand.  
Uncle Jeff, Aunt Ann and cousin Chris, Katie and Brandon, gave the boys each a stuffed Yoshi. They love them!
Thanks again!
Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Thatcher and Great Grandma Black for their Christmas money! They're saving it for something special.
 When they went up to bed on Christmas Eve, Paxton wanted to put his baby Yoshi to his own crib.  So, he turned over his stool for the crib, we used a bean bag for a pillow and a tiny towel for a blanket.  And of course, he needed a stuffed animal to sleep with, hence the tiny bear lying next to him.  
 As soon as Versii saw, he wanted to tuck his Yoshi is as well.  Here they are, all tucked in.  When I said something to Paxton as I was putting him to bed he said, "Shhh, Mom the babies are trying to sleep."
 Christmas morning, after a visit from Santa.
 Paxton and his new pocket switchblade comb.
That he promptly said, he wasn't old enough to use.
 Minecraft for XBox!  
A game the boys have been wanting for awhile.
 Paxton and his wagon.
 Santa brought Versii 2 Halo sets.
 The Odd gifts: Garbage Pail Kid trading cards from Aunt Julie, Balance Balls, classic Pin Art and little magnetic men.
 Santa brought Paxton a Lego Chima Set.
 And Santa stuffed mini dream lites in the boys stockings.
 Versii and his new camera.  
 Showing off his favorite Garbage Pail Kid:
Surf's Up CHUCK
My sister Julie and I had some of these cards as kids.  I remember they gave them out with Happy Meals at McDonald's for awhile and we first got them in Utah at my Aunt Joy's house, with our cousins.  Fun memories!
 Taking wagon rides.
Both Chima and Halo set all built.
(That's how I spent my Christmas morning: Building)
Paxton was so funny with his wagon.  He spent the morning pretending he was a pig and the wagon was his muddy pig trough.