Sunday, January 17, 2016

History in Our Home

Now that I am officially caught up on our blog, I realize that I never posted about this handwritten letter from 1931 we found in the ceiling of our Camas home, during our remodel.  Josh had been tearing down ceiling boards in our living room, when he came across this letter, still inside the envelope.  It must have fallen through the upstairs floorboards years ago and has been fairly well preserved.

I did some research on and we believe is was written by Flossie Mae Gillock (wife of Curtis Eugene Earhart) to her 15 year old son Arthur, who was apparently staying with his Aunt Inez Earhart in Camas, Washington.  It is a little hard to read, so I have transcribed it here.  Below that you will find footnotes, from my research, as to the individuals mentioned in the letter:

July 30 – 1931

My Dear:  Well how are you by this time son?  Did you hear if the little girl died from the exposure Sunday?
We did not get home until 12:30 Sunday nite and talk about tired.  (Ok goodness)  Uncle Mahlon (1) and Matt taken turns riding in the seat with Dadie and I and I had to fold up considerable and try to hold little sister (2) with their assistance and I certainly was glad to get home and unfold.
I suppose you have already heard the bad news about Buddie and Aunt Birdie.  We did not until yesterday I got a special delivery letter from Aunt Lillie (3), then I called Uncle Fred (4) this morning and he said Buddie could see a little this morning and she was feeling better.  I guess they are both in the same room at the Portland Sanitarium if I understand everything right.  We would like to go see them awfuly well but I don’t see any chance with next Sunday a week away.
Dadie (5) and Alvin (6) came very nearly upsetting with a load of logs yesterday, Dadie jumped and Alvin did not come to until she was all over, so he did not need to jump.  Dadie told him to jump and he just sit there, so we told him he was unconscious Ha Ha. 
Fred (7) saw the Twillinger Boy this morning, he ask him for a job for his self but did not say a word about you and Alvin so I’ll write him.  He told Fred he’d give him a job so I guess you and Alvin are safe for a job. 
Well old honey bunch I hope you are not so sassy to Aunt Inez (8).  Arthur please if you can’t get along with not sassing, please come home because you will get every body to disliking you and Arthur your to big a boy to be sassy.  Please either be good or come home and then I know you’ll be good Ha Ha.
Please write I am looking forward to your letter Saturday.
         With lots of love and kisses from all.
                                             Mother (9)

11.     “Uncle Mahlon” – Mahlon S Gillock (1900-1967), younger brother of Flossie Mae Gillock, son to Alonzo Gillock (1857-1918) and Sarah Orilla Porter (1874-1936)
22.     “little sister” – Doris Mae Earhart (1928-2012), younger sister of Arthur and daughter of Curtis Eugene Earhart and Flossie Mae Gillock
33.     “Aunt Lillie” – Lillie Gertrude Porter (1883-1965), Flossie’s Aunt – Flossie’s Mother, Sarah Orilla Porter’s younger sister, daughter of Truman A Porter (1849-1922) and Condessa Louisa “Dessa” Richardson (1853-1939)
44.     “Uncle Fred” – Fred O Earhart (1887-1944), brother of Curtis Earhart
55.     “Dadie” – Curtis Eugene Earhart (20 July 1889 Appleton City, Missouri-6 Sep 1978 Tillamook, OR)
66.     Alvin Eugene Earhart (1 Nov 1913-21 Feb 1977), older brother of Arthur and son of Curtis Eugene Earhart and Flossie Mae Gillock
77.     “Fred” – Fredrich Curtis Earhart (1917-1982), younger brother of Arthur and son of Curtis Eugene Earhart and Flossie Mae Gillock
88.     “Aunt Inez” – Inez Elizabeth Earhart (1895- ), sister of Curtis Eugene Earhart and daughter of Alexander P. Earhart (According to the 1930 Census-Camas: Inez was single, age 35, working as a “Sales Lady” at the Grocery Store.)
99.     “Mother” – Flossie Mae Gillock, wife of Curtis Eugene Earhart and daughter to Alonzo Gillock (1857-1918) and Sarah Orilla Porter (1874-1936) – letter mailed from McMinnville, Oregon.

In my research, I found it is possible that we might be related to Flossie Mae Gillock, through Joshua's Mother's side.  His Mom's Mother was a Sweet and Flossie's Great Grandmother on her Mother's side was also a Sweet.  I have not found an exact relative yet that connects Josh's line to hers, but I can trace both lines of Sweets back to the same place: Rhode Island.  There is also a possible connection to  the Porter line in our ancestry, as Flossie's mother was a Porter.  So it's kind of neat to think that we are now living in a home that may be connected to our ancestors.
--I have looked into it briefly, but I have not found if these Earharts bear any relation to the famous Amelia Earhart.   

 This is the only picture I could find of Inez Earhart.
 This is Alexander Earhart, who is the father of Inez and father-in-law to Flossie, who wrote the letter.  In 1930, just over a year before the letter was written, Alexander was listed as owning the home and it was valued at $1,200.  Although Alexander was not mentioned specifically in the letter, he likely still lived in our home at that time.  As research shows he lived until February of 1940.
Here's what the 1930 US Census – Camas states:
Alexander P Earhart:               Head of House, Owned Home valued at $1200, age 74, Widowed, Born in Missouri, Unemployed
Inez E. Earhart:                        Daughter, age 35, Single, Born in Missouri, Saleslady at Grocery Store
Charles Francis:                      Lodger, age 35, Single, Born in Texas, Papermaker at Papermill

*Inez Earhart later married Charles Francis on 10 Jan 1932.
Our neighbor, Leslie shared with me "A History of the Vera Whitney Berney House" written by Bruce R Berney and Charles V Berney.  The section titled "Neighbors" talks about Inez and Charles living in our home back in 1940.  And after Inez and Charles moved out, they sold the home to the Lein family.  I've sent out some messages to relatives on Ancestry and I'm hoping that one day I may hear back or someone may have photos of what our home originally looked like. 
Along with the letter, we also found this pencil sketch of a girl in a flapper-style dress writing on a paper with a feather pen.  Although it is not in as good a condition as the letter, it's still a cool find.

That's all I have for now.  If I find anything further in my search of the history of our home or I ever come across any historical photos of our home, I will update them here.  

Paxton Lost His First Tooth

 January 15, 2016
Paxton lost his first tooth on Friday morning.  His adult tooth was already growing in behind it.  He was pretty excited and he said, "I bet because it's my first tooth, the tooth fairy will bring me a gold chocolate coin."  --We had to explain that the tooth fairy just brings a dollar.

Sunday Snow

 January 3, 2016
As you can see, we got a little bit of snow...and we got the call that all church meetings had been cancelled.  So naturally, the boys couldn't wait to get suited up to play in the snow.  Although they didn't end up playing outside for too long as the air was bitter cold.  --Later that afternoon we received an automated call from the school district stating school would be cancelled on Monday, so the boy's Christmas break was extended for another day.

 Kaden has these goggles and refused when I offered to clean them.  He says he likes them that way.  Haha!

January 4, 2016
Overnight the snow had turned to freezing rain and by the morning every thing was covered in a layer of ice.  We live on a hill, so the ice made it unsafe to drive anywhere.  Plus, even if you can manage to get down the hill without accidents, it's impossible to get back up.  Josh thought maybe later in the day the ice might melt enough to head to work, but it never did.  
Here are the video's of Josh playing around...joking that he would sled to work.  The first video was taken by Kaden on Josh's phone and the 2nd, by me, from the safety of the indoors.

New Year's Eve Date

 December 31, 2015
Josh and I got concert tickets to see Blind Pilot for New Year's...and Versii and Paxton were excited to have a sleep over at Grandma and Grandpa's!  We headed downtown early and had dinner at Henry's Tavern.   
 After dinner we spent awhile walking around downtown Portland.
 Then we went to the Crystal Ballroom Mcmenamin's, had dessert and played shuffle board while we waited for the concert.  I won the most games!  Who knew I could be good at shuffle board.  That's my 2 and 3 pointers!  

 Since we ate at Mcmenamin's before the concert, we were able to get in the early admission line.  Which was awesome, because then we didn't have to wait out in the cold...and we were among the first in.  This allowed us to get seats up in the balcony, so we didn't have to battle the crowds of people who had to stand in the ballroom for the entire concert.
 Blind Pilot was amazing!  We really enjoyed ourselves!
This picture captures perfectly how much fun we had.  Taken at midnight...the start of 2016!  Happy New Year everyone!  We hope you all have a fantastic year, full of love and laughter!

Cat Love

 December 30, 2015
Versii and Paxton spent the morning drawing pictures...mostly of cats.
Above: Paxton's "Heart Kitty"
Below: Paxton's "Tri-force Kitty"

 Versii's drawings:
Above: the Turtle
Below: A portrait of our cat Khaleesi, drawn entirely on his own.
Khaleesi sitting proudly with her portrait.

Sledding with Cousins

 December 26, 2015
Josh took Versii and Paxton, along with their cousins Chris, Loren and Morgan sledding at McClellan Meadows, at the base of Mt. St. Helens.  They had tons of fun!
 On the left is Loren and right center: Morgan
 Chris pulling the boys in the sled.

 Josh said Paxton thought it was funny to get a mouth full of snow and spit it out.  Silly kid!

 Coincidentally, Kaden also went sledding on the same day in Colorado.  He said he had a great time!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Christmas 2015

 December 24, 2015
Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad's.  We decided to just do appetizers and desserts this year.  We had so much good food!  And the boys scored big time: Money and treats from Grandma and Grandpa, Stuffed animals from Uncle Reed and Aunt Sakurako and Lego sets from Uncle Jeff, Aunt Ann and Chris.  Plus Uncle Jeff sent them home with the remote control trucks he got from our white elephant gift exchange.  They were pretty excited!  Thank you everyone!  
 December 25, 2015
Christmas morning...

 Merry Christmas!  We set the camera on timer to get a family picture...including Khaleesi and "Snowflake" Paxton's stuffed unicorn.
The boys gifts from Santa.  
Paxton asked for a Cross bow and Versii asked for Glitter Markers and Glitter Gel Pens, plus he got a City coloring book filled with tons of details pictures of buildings and cities.

 Above: On the left, Versii with his lego set from Great Grandma.  Below: Paxton with his lego set from Great Grandma.  Thanks Great Grandma!  They love them!

 Versii playing with Khaleesi and her new cat toy from Grandma.

 The boys and their new BB guns.

 Building legos.

The boys with "Pupa" the Polar Bear and "Snowflake" the unicorn, from Uncle Reed and Aunt Sakurako.  They sleep with them every night!
 Our gift from Versii - Artwork he made at school.
I love them both!

Josh's sister Becky came over on Christmas and spent most of the day with us.  We watched movies, snacked and drank homemade hot chocolate!  She brought the boys each a lego Halo set.
 ...And she brought along her little dog, Juno.  The boys just love her!  Khaleesi wasn't too sure about having a tiny house guest.
 January 2, 2016
Kaden opening his Christmas gifts, the day he came home.

 Kaden's Zelda shirt from Uncle Reed and Aunt Sakurako, Loren and Morgan.  He loves it!  Thank you!
Lego sets from Uncle Jeff, Aunt Ann, Christ, Katie and Brandon.  Kaden says, "Thank you!"