Friday, May 31, 2013

Paxton's 4

 May 31, 2013
Happy 4th Birthday Paxton!
The boys were bursting with excitement to watch Paxton open his gifts this morning at 6:30am.
We told them to give us an hour and come back at 7:30am.
Still not ready to get up, Josh and I let Paxton open his gifts on the end of our bed.
 Right away Versii convinced Paxton to let him help open 2 of the gifts.
 Nano Cars!
 When Versii opened this dog that spits balls from his mouth, Paxton shouted out, "Just what I always wanted!  I always wanted that!" --To which I have to laugh, since never has he seen one before or ever requested it, but that's what he says when he really likes something.  He's a very animated kid!
 Love our little easily excited Paxton!

 Halo figure sets, Smoke Bombs, "Spitting Dog", Nano Cars and Lego Star Wars for DS!
Plus some fun money from Grandma and Grandpa and Great Grandma!
We celebrated with Curious George cupcakes.
Or "Serious George" as Paxton says.
That's what I found at the store and when I brought them home and said, "Look what I got for your birthday." Paxton exclaimed, "Monkey cupcakes!  Just what I always wanted!"

Paxton is measuring in at almost 3 and a half feet tall.
41 and 5/8" to be exact.
He has grown 2 and 3/4" this past year.
And he is 5/8" shorter than Versii at age 4.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Party Time!

May 25, 2013 
The boys really wanted a Halo cake.
After searching Pinterest for ideas, I went to the store and found this Halo Warthog set and yesterday I made their cake.  The boys hadn't seen the decorations ahead of time, so they were super excited when I unveiled the decorations.
Kaden said it's the best cake he's ever had!
So I guess I succeeded!
 The cake with candles: Our boys are 10, 6 and 4 now!
Fun fact about their new ages:
Versii pointed out that 6+4=10, smart kiddo!
The boys, with their neighbors and close friends having a marshmallow war.  (Kaden's idea)

 And having a race trying to keep their "yoshi eggs" on a spoon.

 Seeing who can keep their balloon in the air the longest.

 Pinata time! 
When I first asked Versii what he wanted for his birthday, he said he wanted a pinata, a cake everyone could share and his favorite Popsicles. We had all three, but we never did get out the otter pops.
Everyone had a chance to hit the pinata...
 ...And in the end, we let Kaden have the last few swings to finish it off!

 All their friends who attended the party, minus Hal.
Back row L to R: 
Mason, Bea, Ruth, Linden, Rich, Kaden
Front row L to R: 
Erika, Megan, Paxton, George, Versii and Bex
 The Silly Face shot!
 Megan and Erika brought the boys a gift.
Tagamoto car and track sets!
The boys were really excited!
 Versii hugging Erika.
These too are so alike, they are "peas in a pod"
 Kaden and Rich playing in their self-made balloon pit.
 The kids enjoying the Tagamoto.
Thanks so much Megan and Erika!
 Paxton playing in the balloons!

 After the party, these two sat down to play video games.  I asked Versii to smile...this is all I got.
 To explain his crazy faces he said, "I'm scared of the flash!"
The boys had a great time celebrating with some of their closest friends!  Thanks to everyone who came out to their party!  

Chris in Stuart Little

 May 24, 2013 
Mom, Dad, the boys and I went out to Oregon City High School's production of Stuart Little, where my nephew Chris was performing as Dr. Carey.
 We arrived early so we could have seats up close,
the boys not so patiently awaiting the start of the show.

 Chris' first appearance on stage.
 "Stuart Little and Dr. Carey."
Versii said Stuart Little was his favorite character.
Kaden said, "Naturally my favorite was Chris!"
and Paxton's favorite was the "White Cat"
 The cats.

 The entire cast...minus Stuart Little.
Congrats Chris!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Class of 2025

 May 24, 2013
You don't often think about it when your kids start Kindergarten, but when Versii finishes high school, he will graduate in the Class of 2025!

So we when over to the Middle School this morning to watch him walk in the Kindergarten Parade to the high school to celebrate and pledge their graduation in 2025.
They gave all the kids t-shirts and Class of 2025 buttons.
 Parkrose Marching Band and Cheerleaders were on hand to kick off the parade.
 Versii with his Kindergarten class.

 Marching across the street to the High School.
 Mom, Josh and Paxton.

 They ended the parade in the gym where they held a short assembly.
 One of the many faces of Paxton.
 Multi-cultural dancers performed,
as well as the cheerleaders and band.

 Versii sitting in the stands with his class.
 On our way to the car, we watched a fire truck speed past with it's lights flashing...and when we got home, there it sat, empty, parked at the end of our driveway.  
So we had ourselves a little photo-op.