Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Versii's Field Trip

September 30, 2016 
Versii really badly wanted me to come on his class field trip, so I volunteered to go.  His 4th Grade class was invited to the Columbia Watershed Festival at Cottonwood Beach.  Here he is with the group I was in charge of.  
Our first station was music.  The kids helped collaborate a song about Turtles and the water cycle.  Versii said the music and storytelling stations were his favorite.  This is a video of the song they came up with.
 My group thought the beach was so beautiful they had to pose for a photo.  
The kids ready to run the salmon cycle.  

Bruised Menicus

 September 29, 2016
Kaden had been complaining that his knee hurt and asked if I could take him to the doctor to check it out.  Apparently, the week before he was playing with his friends after Scouts and he came down on his knee wrong after hopping a fence.  He said everyday it was hurting more until he felt like he could barely put weight on it.  When I called the doctor, they didn't have any appointments, so I took him to urgent care.  He thought the exam room was creepy and I just thought it was cold.  It was like an icebox in there. 
 Anyway, according to the doctor, he bruised his meniscus, which is a spongy tissue below the knee.  So that's why it was causing him pain to put pressure on it.  They gave him a knee immobilizer to wear for a week.  
 He wasn't super thrilled with his new leg accessory.
I took him to Taco Bell after his appointment, before taking him to school.  It's funny how excited teenage boys get about food.  He really enjoyed his fiery taco with Diablo sauce.  
Here's a funny video of Kaden.  

Surprise Trip to Utah

September 23, 2016 
I hopped a few stand-by flights out to Salt Lake to meet my sister and surprise my Grandma.  She knew Julie was coming to visit with the baby, but not that I would be joining them.  My flight connected through Las Vegas and for a few hours I thought I might not make it in to Utah until late at night, but at the last minute, they issued my boarding pass and I was on my way.  (Above: I thought it was sweet how our cat Khaleesi careful climbed on and curled up on my bag as soon as I got it out and started getting ready to go.)
 Surprising Grandma!  I love her reaction!  
 Our Aunt Joy was sweet enough to pick us up and take us to Grandma's. 
 Grandma holding her Great Granddaughter Brielle for the first time.

Paxton meeting Brielle through FaceTime.
 Sweet sleeping Brielle.  Love her so much!

 Aunt Gail meeting Brielle.
 Three generations of "Joy" and Brielle.  
Julie, Brielle, and I with Grandma, Elizabeth and Aunt Gail.

 Lizzy stayed one night with us.  Here she is flashing me a shot of her boyfriend on video chat.  Love you Lizzy!
 September 24, 2016
 At church with Grandma.  I'm wearing the dress Grandma made in knit class years ago.  
 After church, my cousin Wendy, her son CJ and Aunt Gail came for dinner at Grandma's.  
I had so much fun hanging out with everyone in Utah.  We ate lots of great food, spend hours watching Hallmark movies, snuggling baby Bri, playing Skip-Bo with Grandma and even did a little shopping.  Thanks for inviting me out Julie!  Thanks for letting me stay Grandma!  And thanks to Josh for holding down the fort in my absence!  Love you all!

Wedding Weekend

September 17, 2016 
Josh and I attended Kyra's wedding out in Eugene, the niece of a family that Josh spent some time living with when he was a youth: The LeBlancs.  He has such fond memories of his time with the LeBlancs and so when his friend Jennifer, from high school, invited him to come to the wedding and see the LeBlancs, he jumped at the opportunity.  
 Kyra and Ryan's wedding was held at Jasper House Farm in Pleasant Hill, Oregon.  Such a beautiful location.  The ceremony was lovely, the food was delicious and the reception was so much fun!  We had the best time visiting with the LeBlancs and dancing the night away! 
Congratulations Kyra and Ryan!  

 Josh and Jennifer

September 18, 2016
We spent the day after the wedding hanging out with the LeBlancs and Jennifer. 

L to R: Daniel (Aspen's husband) holding daughter Avery, Brady (April's husband), Aspen, Raygan (Amy's daughter), Darlene, Ray, Josh, Grandma Helen, Jennifer, April, Amy 

Thanks so much for inviting us Jennifer!  We had a memorable weekend!  We really enjoyed spending time with you and the LeBlanc Family!  And thanks to my Mom for watching our boys while we were away.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

FHE: Game Night

September 12, 2016
The boys have recently decided it's super fun to play Connect 4.  Josh took this while I was playing a round with Kaden.  Makes me laugh!

Back to School 2016

 September 1, 2016
Versii and Paxton had "Back to School" night.  We dropped off school supplies, met their teachers and visited their new classrooms.

 September 6, 2016
First Day of School!
Paxton in 2nd, Versii in 4th and Kaden in 8th!
 Kaden walking out the door for his first day of his last year of middle school!  
Versii insisted Khaleesi be in the picture on their way out the door.  They were excited to get back to school!

My 37th Birthday

August 29, 2016
I received a phone call from my sister, late morning, that her water broke and she was on her way to the hospital to give birth to my niece.  So, Mom took off that evening to fly out to Arizona and my newest niece was born just hours before my birthday.  
Welcome to the world Brielle Olivia Bennett!
7 lbs 6 oz and 20 inches long.
Brielle's newborn portrait: Taken September 7th
(1 week old)
 August 30, 2016
For my 37th Birthday, I drove over to Portland to meet up with my friends Liv and Daya for lunch and shopping!  We had so much fun!  Thanks ladies!  Love you both so much!
I bought myself 3 new pillows for my living room, some picture frames and a candle.  

 In the evening, we all went out to Dairy Queen for dinner (I let the boys pick) and then we took home an ice cream cake.  The boys voted for Hello Kitty haha!
Josh picked me up some beautiful flowers and chocolate!  Can't have a birthday without chocolate!
 The boys singing "Happy Birthday" to me!
 Josh also bought me some new additions for our yard.
 A mimosa tree!  Our neighbor has one and they are beautiful!  I can't wait for ours to mature!
 A red burst bush!
 And a Japanese maple!
Love them all!