Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Da Worm"

July 4, 2013
Kaden showing me how he does the worm...or "Da Worm" as he calls it.  He asked specifically that we put the Mario song in the background.

Happy Independence Day!

 July 4, 2013
Happy Independence Day!
We chose to stay home and celebrate the 4th free from the crowds this year.  Most years by the 4th, Kaden is already gone to spend part of the summer with his Mama, and since he's leaving later this time, we let him decide what to do.  His plan: Play video games all day and do fireworks!  He did get to spend part of the day playing video games and we enjoyed plenty of fireworks!
 Having ourselves a race.

 "The Battle at Plastic Flats"
 Versii has never been a fan of loud sounds.
 Paxton provided quite the entertainment just watching him run around with his rifle.
When ear protection doesn't provide the sound barrier you're looking to watch from the truck.
 Our beautiful fountain.
 As it started to get dark, we moved to the street for our finale.
 Kaden and Pax with our neighbors Linden and Mason.
 Sharing the evening with our neighbors.
The big show!
Fireworks exploding all over our block.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Enchanted Forest

 July 1, 2013
Meeting my great niece for the first time.
Mom, Dad, the boys and I drove out to Enchanted Forest to meet my niece's Adrienne, Renae, her daughter Rainey, and their mom Brenda, who were in town from Alaska.
Taking in the show - Pinocchio
The plays at Enchanted Forest are always silly and fun. 
Kaden was a little embarrassed after "the hug"...I think mostly since I photographed it.
Enjoying the kiddie rides.
Kaden and Paxton rode the frog hopper, while Versii and Rainey took a leisurely train ride.
Kaden is tall enough to drive his own bumper car!
But sadly, Paxton was too short even to ride with an adult.
Adrienne and Rainey.
Rainey and Pinocchio's "Blue Fairy"
Kaden getting ready to brave the haunted house with his cousin Renae.  "There's a difference between a scream of terror and a yell in horror!" --According to Kaden
This slide was a big hit with all the kids.
They went over and over again.
Renae, Rainey and Kaden on the log ride.
Adrienne, Versii, Paxton and I on our ride.
Check out the huge splash we made!
We were soaked!
Renae, Rainey, Paxton, Dad and Kaden!
The first and only ride Dad went on.
Here's a stop motion clip of their ride.
The Bob Sleds.
Top: 2nd Car-Rainey and Renae
3rd Car-Kaden, Paxton and I
L to R:Kaden, Rainey, Renae, Paxton and Adrienne.
Versii wasn't so sure he wanted to go at first,
but he did end up riding with Kaden and Renae.
The boys with their cousin Renae.
Pax and Versii with Rainey.
Cookie break.
Dad and Adrienne.
Adrienne, Rainey and Renae.
Adrienne, Brenda, Rainey and Renae.
Mom and Dad with Rainey, 
their great granddaughter.
Kaden saw this wooden gun in the General Store and he just couldn't leave without it.  He even spent his own money.  Kaden's not big on spending his own money, but he said "I've never seen one like this before! And it has a strap! I have to have it!"  
Paxton spent his own money too on a smaller gun, Versii picked out a set of cars and Rainey left with a Pirate set.

We had such a fun day at Enchanted Forest!
It was great to spend time with family we rarely get to see!  
Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us!