Sunday, June 30, 2013

Recent Artwork

June 23, 2013 
Kaden has really been starting to branch out from his classic stick figure man.
Above: "A Spartan"
The beloved stick figure.
He's very good at drawing the D.S.
...Probably because he's drawn it so many times.
Versii's drawing: 
"An Indian village at the bottom of the mountain." 
Complete with sun, waterfall, lake, a dog, fish and tepees. 
We also made thank you cards for Josh's family, who all pitched in and bought the boys a Wii.  Kaden wrote the message inside, Versii drew them each pictures and Paxton traced and colored his hand.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Campout at Rock Creek

 June 21, 2013
The boys overnight campout with their Dad and Grandpa at Rock Creek Reservoir.
This time, Grandpa brought his boat and they camped in a tent.
 Versii and Paxton trying Warheads...Sour face!
Josh and Paxton hanging out at camp while Kaden and Versii went out on the boat with Grandpa.
Paxton wanted to make a movie.
 Playing in the tent.
Apparently, Paxton kept saying, "Dad, Grandpa's tent is bigger than yours.  It's bigger than yours Dad."
 They found a caterpillar.
 On their way home, they stopped at Trillium Lake.
Josh wants to camp there next.
Beautiful shot of Mt. Hood in the background.

Josh wants to camp there next.

Versii's Swim Lesson

June 20, 2013
After much coaxing, Versii instructor convinced him to complete 2 bobs without plugging his nose.  

On day 7, the day before the end of his lessons, Versii finally completed his 8 bobs in a row --His last requirement to become a Level 2 swimmer.  This is a huge deal, as Versii hates when water gets in his face or ears. His swimming lessons helped him become more comfortable in the water and now he doesn't mind getting water in his face.  We still have a long road ahead before Versii knows how to swim, but I think we've made a good first step.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Swim Lessons

 Getting ready to get in the water.
June 18, 2013 
First day of swim lessons for Versii and Paxton.
Kaden chose not to take lessons this time, but he's already had a few in the past.
 Paxton's pre-school class.
 Originally, when I signed them up, I had thought Paxton would do great and that Versii would be the one to have trouble...but the opposite happened.
Half way through Paxton first lesson, he started crying and refused to get back into the water.  He spent the rest of the time sitting by me.  And didn't want to try again.

 Versii did take some convincing to get in the water.
 Versii and our friend, Bea, were placed together as Level 1 swimmers.
 Versii goes to the side and hangs on as often as they will let him.
 His teacher finally convinced him to put his face in the water for the first time...and a little help from our neighbor Bea (pictured to the left of Versii).  Apparently, she kept saying to him, "What would Master Chief do?"
(A character from Halo.)
 As soon as the first lesson was done, Versii said, "That was so much fun!  I can't wait for tomorrow!  My teacher is so great!"  Happy to hear that!
 Our swimmers.
L to R: Versii, Ruth, Bea, Paxton and Harold
 Kaden did tag along on the first day of swimming to watch his brothers.
Mid-session Report:
After 4 lessons, which is half the session, Versii is still on Level 1.  To advance to Level 2, he has to:
 put his face in the water for 5 seconds, which he has done; bob up and down 8 times, without plugging his nose, which he has done 1 time and retrieve a ring from the bottom of the pool.  His friend, Bea, was having a fear of bobbing too, but finally completed her bobs and moved on to Level 2 today.  So now Versii is the only child left in Level 1.  I'm hoping next week he will try it.

Kaden's Bike Tricks

June 18, 2013
 Kaden showing off his newly learning stunt riding skills.
"Look! No hands!"
Kaden's video.
He says, "This better be going on You Tube!"
...So, here it is.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Camp out of Summer

 June 7, 2013 
Josh picked up the boys on their last day of school and they headed out to Silver Falls State Park for the first camp out of summer.  While I went off to my nephew, Loran's high school graduation, with Mom and Dad.
Silver Falls is beautiful!
Love these sweet faces!
 Classic camp foods: 
Hot dogs and roasting marshmallows for s'mores.  
The boys think s'mores are a camp must!
 Marshmallows on fire.
 Hiking around the falls.
They always love camping with their Dad!
...And I always enjoy a little "me" time.
Thanks for being such an awesome Dad, Josh!
And thanks for taking the boys out so I could have a break.