Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Our Christmas Card 2016

This year's Christmas Card.
Sincerest apologies to our friends and family that did not receive one in the mail.  Sadly, I did not order near enough.  But we love you all and hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  
Here's a look at Christmas past:
This is only our 3rd Christmas card in the past 11 years!
Our last one was 2013
And our first Christmas card was in 2008.
The year we were sealed in the Temple. 

Family Pictures 2016

 December 5, 2016
We had Michael's daughter, Madi, take some family photos for us while we were in Arizona.  This is really the first time we purposely attempted to take family photos in the last 10 years, so I'm glad we finally have some great shots.  We drove to downtown Gilbert and found some great little spots.  Downtown Gilbert is such a cute place.
Above: One of our favorites!  

 Josh and his boys, having a little fun!

 I love this one of Josh and I!
We don't typically have too many photos of the two of us together, as one of us is usually behind the camera.

 I think it's funny how Paxton is back there covering his eyes while Josh kisses me.  

 I think this one might be another favorite!

Our boys: Kaden, Versii and Paxton!
I snapped these ones of them at the end.
This pose was Versii's idea.
Thanks again Madi!  
We're so thankful for these!
And special thanks to Julie who watched both her own baby and Madi's baby while we did this!  

Arizona Trip

 December 1, 2016
We got up early morning...and by early I mean 3 am, to drive to the airport and fly to Arizona to visit family.  Josh got a super great deal on tickets, so we were able to bring the whole family.
Versii and Paxton playing outside with their twin nephews Wyatt and Jarrett, who are Josh's brother Jake's boys.
We were excited to finally meet them!

 My sister Julie just got off of an over-night shift at the hospital, so after she pick us up, we borrowed her car and baby Brielle.  She's such a little sweetie!

 Julie and Michael
 December 3, 2016
We met Josh's brother Jake, Heather and the boys at their place and then we went to Olive Garden with them and Uncle Howard and Aunt Claudia for some birthday celebrations.  Jake and Uncle Howard were both born on December 3rd, so they share a birthday!  After dinner we drove over to the Mesa Temple to see the Christmas lights.  It's just beautiful there!  

We had such a great time in Arizona!  It was so much fun spending time with Julie and Michael's family, Jake and Heather's family and seeing Uncle Howard and Aunt Claudia.  And Kaden even had the chance to have a sleep-over with his Gammey and Papa, while we were in town, which is why he's not pictured at the Christmas lights with us.