Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mommy's Day Out

Joshua offered to send me to Texas to visit Julie while he was on break from school ...and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to go. We booked the tickets a month or two before the baby was born. He was only 10 days old when we left. The first picture is of Paxton on his first plane ride. And the second is on our way home. Unfortunetly, I have no pictures of Julie or the kids ---Julie says the memories are good enough. But I did have a great time hanging out with Julie and Ashlyn and Austin. We had fun eating out and relaxing, among other things. And while we were there we caught a pre-release showing of the movie "The Proposal" with Sandra Bullock. And it was so funny. Julie and I laughed and laughed. I can't remember laughing so much in a movie. Thanks for everything Jewels!
And thanks to Joshua for watching Kaden and Versii for the 5 days I was gone!
I know it was easy!

Boys Beach Campout with Mimi

This may be picture overload, but I wanted to post them anyway. (And this is not even half of them.) ---Josh's Mom came to town back in the beginning of June. She and the boys went off to the Oregon coast for a beach camping trip. They rented a yurt on the coast and camped out for a few days. I don't know much about the trip except for a few details that I was told over the phone (I was in Texas with the baby.) Apparently Josh's mom, "Mimi" as she has the kids call her, changed Versii's diaper and was letting him run around naked to air out --- then he ran over and peed on her leg. Also, Versii made a huge mess --- nothing new there. And Joshua came home with a case of Poison oak --- he's just now recovering from. Since I wasn't there, we'll just let the pictures tell the story, but it looks like the boys had fun!

Sun Shine + Slip N' Slide

I've wanted to post these picture for awhile. They were actually taken a few days before Paxton was born. Kaden had a blast, but quickly got cold, since it was only about 80 degrees out that day and Versii had some fun...but he's not such a fan of being soaked with cold water. I love the last shot of Kaden.

My Lil' May Babies

With Paxton's birthday being the last day of May, all our boys officially have May birthdays! And with all the anticipation of the newest little one, I didn't ever get around to posting about Kaden and Versii's birthdays.

Kaden Michael - Born: May 20, 2003
He turned 6 this year!
Kaden really wanted a new bike for his birthday. His Gammey & Papa & Mama got it for him. He had pretty much out-grown his old bike. We gave it to him on the morning of his birthday and he was so excited! "It's all my favorite colors: red, blue, white and black!" ---And since he's turned 6, everything is about being 6. "I can eat this now, because I'm 6 ...I can do this now, because I'm 6 ...I'm stronger, because I'm 6!" And he's very excited that he'll be in the 1st grade next year.

Versii Landon - Born: May 23, 2007
He turned 2 this year!
He got his first tricylce for his birthday! We could tell by the way he was always wanting to ride Kaden's bike that he wanted his own. He loves to be pushed around on it, but refuses to put his feet on the pedals. He's definitely becoming more and more independent every day and is still just as much of a menace as ever. But he's starting to be interested in the potty, so that's good news.
Paxton Ambrose - Born: May 31, 2009
(This picture was taken of all 3 boys at the hospital, the day he was born. I'll post some updated pictures today too.)
Kaden and Versii seem to enjoy their new little brother, but I think our house will really get loud and crazy once Paxton is mobile and the boys can really play with him.
On a side note: For all those of you who have 3 or more babies ...I don't know how you do it! It is really hard to go from 2 to 3. As they get older, I'm sure it will be easier.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baby Boy Owens is Here!

Paxton Ambrose Owens

Born: May 31st 2009 at 4:12 p.m.
Weight: 7 lbs. 13 oz.
Height: 21 and 3/4 inches
Hours of Labor: 13 (that's 5 hours more than Versii's)

Paxton's very first picture...he was pretty purple.

Warming up under the heat doesn't look like it, but he loved it.

Grandma and Grandpa brought Kaden and Versii up to meet their new brother a few hours after he was born. Kaden was super excited, which I knew he would be and Versii got this look on his face like, "How could you, What is this?" But he then quickly got excited about the "bebe!" He's a lot more into the baby then I thought he would be.

Mommy and Paxton a few hours before we went home today. He had just peed on me and I had just cleaned up.

Sweet little guy getting ready to go home.

Josh was definitely ready to go...and here I am in all my post-pregnancy glory.

Welcome Home Paxton!
I won't blog too much about the details of the labor itself. If you want to know, I'll tell you. All I can say is that I am so glad it's over! And I'm glad that the little guy wasn't any bigger than he was. The nurses kept talking to me about watching for the symptoms of Post par tum depression, and I assured them that I will not have that problem, since I completely despise being pregnant and I like him much better on the outside of me!
Special thanks to Mom and Dad for taking care of Kaden and Versii while we were at the hospital!