Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Little Crab

This is my little crab, last Sunday.
Don't you just love when they're crabby?
(I know I do....not.)
My Aunt Becky got him the little sweater vest. She got Kaden and Versii matching sweaters too, which I put on them last week, but I didn't have the time to get pictures of all of them together before church.

Oaks Park Summer Reading Reward

The boys were part of the library's Summer Reading Program and as part of completion, they all got coupons for $4 ride bracelets at Oaks Park. Kaden had a lot of fun, but Versii didn't want to ride on any of the rides. We finally got him to go on the motorcycle ride, but as you can see from the pictures, he wasn't even that pleased to be riding. I couldn't even get the kid to ride on the carousel with me. He just only wanted to look at everything. And then I got him to go on the Lewis and Clark ride with Kaden and I. He sat on my lap, but most of the ride was dark and there was a creepy mechanical bear inside...he almost started crying at the end and when we were getting off he just kept saying, "No Bear! No Bear! No Bear..." The poor kid was traumatized. ---I think next year, we'll just send Josh and Kaden. They would have a lot of fun then!

Oh, the one ride
Versii did like was the train that took us around the park. He loves trains and at the end, he figured if he didn't look at us, he wouldn't have to get off.

Early August Highlights

These pictures actually were all taken prior to Joshua and Kaden's little road trip. Except for the ones of Paxton and Versii at the end. They were taken while the "big boys" were gone.

Left: Joshua carting the boys around on his legs. They love it!
Right: Versii getting reading to go on a fishing trip with Grandpa & Daddy. Kaden didn't want to go.

August 7th, my cousin Kathy got married.
Her sister Maryann came up for the big event and stayed at our house. We had a great time. We drove up to the beach with my cousins Maryann and Linda and both of their families. I didn't take any pictures at the beach, but we had a good time. Here are the pictures from the wedding reception.

Versii eating crumbs of something from inside the couch in the mother's lounge. Yuck!!

The only picture I currently have of the bride and groom. The rest of the time I was either taking pictures with someone else's camera or keeping an eye on my kiddos.

Kaden doing a little dancing to the Beastie Boys, after the reception. He's dancing with my cousin Maryann's boys, Allen and Sean.

Maryann and I.
AKA: Nan and SCAT. (Sisters, Cousins, and Twins.)
When Maryann and I were babies, we looked so much alike we called ourselves twins. We even convinced some guys at the youth dances that we actually were twins.
Love you Nan! It was so fun to have you come up and visit.

Josh took the boys up to Beacon Rock, in Washington, for an overnight camp out.

Versii apparently dumped water on the table, to dip his food in.

Kaden took this picture of Josh and Versii.

Versii is trying to make a funny face, like his big brother. He wants to copy everything he does.

Throwing rocks!

Big Boy's Roadtrip - Early August '09

Back in the beginning part of August, Joshua and Kaden went out on a road trip. To make the trip very affordable, they brought food with them and camped out in the car...on a twin mattress Joshua stowed in the back. They went to down to Crescent City, CA and visited the lighthouse, they visited the Redwoods and Oregon Caves. Along the way, they made many other stops...

...one stop was to see Paul Bunyan. He's a pretty big guy, the little white speck on his foot is Kaden.

...a stop at the playground in
Crescent City.

Crescent City Lighthouse

...a little pirate play and surfing.

...the Redwoods.

...a slug.

Oregon Caves.

...a look at some deer.

(This may be picture overload, but if my computer crashes, at least my pictures are somewhere.)