Monday, July 10, 2017

July 4th 2017

July 4, 2017: Independence Day with the Wagner's.  This year was the first time we celebrated the 4th  at our home.
These simple porch decorations made our home feel a little more festive.
Paxton hanging out in the kiddie pool.
Josh and Steve.
Nicole and I.

Slip N' Slide Bowling LOL!

Versii with Erika and Megan.

Water fights!  Nicole getting Paxton back after he threw a water balloon her way ha ha! 

Khaleesi in her box, we call the "safe zone".

The best of our family group shots taken by Nicole.
You can see Kaden's tan is peeling.  He got quite the sunburn on his rafting trip. 

Nicole said the best part of her day was finding and holding a baby bunny.  

More fun throwing the glider planes.

 Steve brought his new toy: a drone.

A video montage of the days antics.

We had such a beautiful 4th!  Fabulous weather, water fights, throwing airplanes, fireworks, eating delicious food and enjoying the company of good friends!

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