Monday, May 8, 2017

Spring Break 2017

March 28, 2017: Josh's youngest brother, Josiah, flew in from Texas for a quick visit and to pick up his new car, our Prius.
 Apparently he took my picture when I took him out for pizza.
 He said he loves oatmeal cream pies, so I decided to try making some...and they turned out to be delicious! 
 Of course, we made a stop at the "bins".  I love any excuse to go "treasure hunting"!
 Josie found some treasures of his own too!
Our haul!  I always find so many awesome things!
 After the bins, I took Josie to OMSI to see a Laser light show and go on the Sub tour.   

 ...And Josh took him out to see his favorite view spots.

April 1st:
 Josh had a last-minute thought, since Josie was planning to drive through Colorado on his way home, that he could send Kaden down with him to spend Spring Break at his Mom's.  His idea panned out and Kaden was able to go.
 These are pictures they took during their drive to Colorado.

 April 1st: Josie and Kaden left early in the morning for their road trip.  Later that evening Josh and I took Versii and Paxton to Chick-Fil-A and Big Al's with some of the money they earned for their Spring Break Cat-sitting.  They had so much fun!

 Cat-Sitting at the neighbors.  The boys were hired to watch all 3 cats: Dimka, Pushinka and Grey Kitty, for the whole Spring Break. Every time they take care of the cats, they always request lots of pictures!   

 They love them all so much, but Grey Kitty is their favorite.  
 April 7th: Getting ready for gravel to be delivered to set-up for our backyard patio concrete.
 The gravel was shot out of a conveyer belt on a special delivery truck.  I've never seen gravel shot out like that before.  It was crazy to watch.  

 Versii and Paxton put their boots on and came out to help me rake it out.  It was such a windy day!  And Josh joined it when he came home from work.

...And that's our Spring Break: Big Al's, Cat-sitting, playing and relaxing at home, and raking gravel LOL!

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