Monday, May 8, 2017

Nan's Visit - February 2017

February 8, 2017
My dear cousin, Maryann (who I call Nan), came to Portland to visit.  Her sister Kathy had to work, so I was able to go pick her up from the airport, hang out with her for a bit and then drop her off.  She stayed at Kathy's, so I drove out to Clackamas, nearly every day she was in town so we could all hang out.
February 10th, Kathy, Nan and I met over at the Goodwill Outlet in Milwaukie and we went "treasure hunting"!  It was so much fun and we found a lot of cute stuff!
 Included in our finds: this cute yellow scarf I found and decided to gift to Kathy...because she loved it so much!  
February 11, 2017 
Josh and I met Kathy, Jared and Nan at Pix Patisserie for desserts!  
It one of our favorite dessert spots in Portland.

 My absolute favorite dessert is The Concord! It is amazing!
Although I'm convinced that all their desserts are great!
After we ate dessert, we had planned to meet over at our friend's house in Camas to hang out.  But Kathy and Jared ended up having to get home to relieve their baby-sitter.  So Nan came with us to the Jensen's.  We had a great time chatting and trying out their new hover boards.  

Here we are all trying the hover board for the first time.
 Here are Nan and I trying on all the clothes Kathy was giving away.  We ended up with some great items to add to our wardrobe.  Thanks K!  

 ...And here's Jared, showing us his insanely large collection of Nike their own personal closet LOL!
Nan and I.  I'm sure we have a picture with Kathy too, but somehow I can't find one on my phone.  So I'll add that too when I get it.  

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